Oil-free vacuum pump applied in the aeration process

by:J&T     2020-07-02
Oil-free vacuum water pump in the application of aeration technology is embodied in what respect?

positive pressure aeration equipment for aquarium fish supply a kind of high efficient, economic and reliable way. Similar biological aeration system can also be used to filter and the bacteria in the slurry tank supply air or oxygen.

what product series is especially suitable for positive pressure aeration process? Oil-free vacuum pump reliability and accuracy of the most famous is the perfect choice for fish farms and biological filter. And channel to achieve the best choice of the aeration, air supply is to realize the bacteria most economic and reliable solution.

what are the advantage in the structure of the oil free piston vacuum water pump?

1。 Top: easy to fold and replace

2. Valve plate: sturdy texture

3. Cylinder: smooth and solid, durable

4. Chassis: aluminium alloy die casting, beautiful light

5. Piston leather ring: soft and wear-resisting, long life

6. Connecting rod component: precision, flexible operation

7. Cooling fan: efficient heat dissipation, reduce the motor temperature

8. Fan cover: to prevent debris entering and body injury

9. Muffler: to reduce the noise, quieter

10. Shockproof foot: fixed damping

oil-free vacuum water pump in the application of aeration technology paradigm:

aeration tank - — Fish

the mud tank aeration - — Sewage treatment

biological aeration filter cell - — Fish

aeration system can increase the dissolved oxygen in the water tank volume. Detailed analysis of your equipment, assessment would be happy to your specific requirements, and find the most suitable, the most economical solution. We will according to the structure of fish tank, pipe length, pipe diameter, and device configuration decided to vacuum pump type and specification.

slurry tank aeration is a clear physical, chemical and biological pollutants in wastewater, so as to get pure water and biological process of solid waste. First to air or oxygen pumping source sewage, promoting purification effect. Bacterial oxidation biological material, to remove phosphate, carbon dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen in wastewater. Once the wastewater are fully, after purification, the liquid will be transported to the tank. Water after settling basin, generally need to accept further treatment, can use. The separated away for disposal of solid waste, also can be used as a fuel to produce energy. Oil-free vacuum pump is the ideal choice of the slurry tank aeration.

biological filter is used often by fish farming water treatment technology. In two stages supply natural bacteria can be realized the process: first of all, the ammonia with aerobic bacteria into nitrite, other bacteria then nitrites into nitrates. Nitrate lower toxicity, and as long as the appropriate amount, will not affect most of the fish. Use the fan or compressor air supply for aerobic bacteria in the biological filter. Oil-free vacuum pump is the ideal choice of the biological aerated filter.

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