Of the noise reasons of water ring vacuum pump, there are several -

by:J&T     2020-07-02

in the normal operation of the industrial machinery, some the sound of the water ring vacuum pump equipment is small, the noise will not affect the normal operation of equipment and staff mental state, we can be neglected, but if it appeared and relationship with the surrounding environment, the voice is not harmonious, or noise, to attract attention. Here we mainly to see the cause of the water ring vacuum pump noise.

1, the water ring vacuum water pump start-up pressure is too high to cause overheating and damage the roots pump parts ( Some mechanical booster pump is specially designed for startup and under atmospheric pressure) 。

2, the production process of grinding grain into the roots water pump, causing parts ( Rotor and rotor pump equipment wear and clearance between rotor and the water pump body is relatively small, the overall performance) Consider) in manufacturing 。

3, the pump is not placed in the right place, Such as tilting) , resulting in noise.

4, mechanical failure, assembly, steering gear deflection and rotor position, leading to gear damage caused by the rotor collision, overload or poor lubrication, this also lead to bearing wear, resulting in a noise.

the above is the analysis of the cause of the water ring vacuum pump noise. However, if produce abnormal sound in operation, you must immediately check whether pump start-up pressure reaches the specified value. Current meter can be used to check whether the input current of pump motor to achieve rating, whether there are abnormal high level or low level, and then solved properly, it will prolong the service life of the well.

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