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by:J&T     2020-05-28

vacuum pump is a kind of using various methods in a closed space, improve and maintain the vacuum device. Vacuum pump can be defined as: use of machinery, physics, chemistry or physical chemistry method drawn from the container to get air vacuum equipment or devices. Any use of mechanical motion, Rolling or sliding) For the vacuum pump is called the mechanical vacuum pump. Use after a period of time, vacuum water pump needs to be maintained. Clean the vacuum pump is one of the things that have to do. Some users raises a question: in order to maintenance, disassembly and cleaning of the vacuum pump attention is what? In order to avoid damage in the process of disassembly and cleaning, vacuum pump, we can learn about the today.

in the process of using a vacuum water pump, due to improper maintenance or all sorts of problems, there will be some trouble. Vacuum pump maintenance experts suggested to take the following steps:

1. Cut off the power, from the vacuum system vacuum pump.

2。 Using the methods of gravity or pressure release and collecting dirty oil, so as not to pollute the environment.

3。 Remove the belt and pulley key ( Two stage rotary vane vacuum pumps including belt) 。

4。 First take and low vacuum side, take off the end cover, and then remove the low vacuum rotor, rotating disc, spring, etc.

5。 Remove the front end cover, take out the rotor of the high vacuum, rotating plate, springs, etc.

6。 Remove the observation window, exhaust valve, exhaust cover, etc.

7。 Clean thoroughly with gasoline to remove the metal parts, and use alcohol dehydration. Rubber parts can be dissolved in 15% sodium hydrogen fluoride. Boiling oil. For the rust parts, burr or can use a sharpening stone or metallurgical sand paper burnish, gently to remove rust stain and burr. After cleaning the parts must be dry.

8。 When assembling, after installation, first hold a spring and rotating plate mounted to the rotor, and then into the imported vacuum pump room, before the installation end cover, install the locating pin, homogeneous symmetric screw down the screws. After assembly, rotation should be flexible and evenly. Install rotor before and after the end cover, install the exhaust valve ( Exhaust valve should be close to the seat) And other parts, such as gas ballast device, etc.

when the vacuum pump maintenance disassembly and cleaning of the vacuum pump.

1。 Mechanical removal and cleaning of the vacuum pump shall be carried out in the clean room. Removing and cleaning, we should pay attention to parts of the original installation location, square and sealing, and make records, so as to avoid installation errors.

2。 Take out the rotor and rotor, must be careful to hang on to the rotor by hand. Reason is that the rotor is great tensile spring force, which leads to it is easy to accidentally fly, damage the sharpness or appearance of the rotor, making it not continuous use.

3。 Remove the parts should be separated and disposed of properly, in order to avoid collision or lost.

4。 When installation, should be in rolling parts coated on the surface of a small amount of vacuum pump oil, make it smooth. Please be careful and clean. Scrap, mud, sand and dust are not allowed to fall into the vacuum water pump. Installed should be easy to scroll vacuum pump, no uneven weight and block the scene.

5。 After the final assembly, vacuum pump oil from the oil hole, until the oil line

6. Start, should be to write a small amount of import vacuum pump oil, the suction vacuum pump to obtain smooth enough. ( Manufacturers of vacuum pump maintenance, points out that to install vacuum pump experiment should be a few hours of work, to investigate whether they meet the application requirements)

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