Note the use of vacuum pump oil

by:J&T     2020-07-01

the service life of vacuum pump is not only related to the quality of the vacuum pump itself, but also for users in strict accordance with the requirements of the use. How to use the vacuum pump oil share this problem.

the purpose of the vacuum pump oil are as follows:

a window, oil must be cleaned, it is strictly prohibited in the sun exposure in the open air, and to be stored in a dark, dry and ventilated place, prevent water and dust entering.

2, in oil or oil loading, must be removed barrel around the light rain, prevent sundry mixed with oil, the wear of the water pump.

three, different brands and varieties of vacuum pump oil won't mix, old and new oil won't mix.

4 will strictly avoid vacuum oil mixed with other lubricants, more do not mix with light oil, otherwise it will affect the vacuum performance.

5, should try to avoid pumping vacuum pump solvent, water vapor and corrosive gas, etc. Regular inspection, must be used in an oil change on a regular basis.

6, changing the oil water pump body should be used when the old oil discharge, slowly turn the pump shaft, after injection of new oil cleaning pump cavity to get rid of residual oil, rinsed several times, such as changing new oil after clean.

7, pump maintenance must use solvent or detergent clean all parts of the pump, and dry parts.

eight, gas appliances must be special equipment, should not appear together with other oils, or solvents container.

9, mineral oil and ester exchange, oil or other synthetic oil pump should be open for a thorough cleaning. Includes all parts must be immersed in the ester oil to prevent pollution.

10, exposure to chemicals and solvents, affects the pollution of vacuum pump oil, must be cleaned in the oil processing.

11, oil change period:

1. When the vacuum degree of vacuum pump oil drop, cannot satisfy the need;

2。 When the vacuum water pump oil into black and brown, should be replaced.

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