Note - the roots vacuum pump installation

by:J&T     2020-05-22
Considerations about the roots vacuum pump installation

if the company when buying the roots vacuum pump chose the way of online shopping, often need to be removed and transport, and the need to install. But it is not easy to install, such equipment in the installation process need to take some preventive measures.

1, when the power supply is connected, please pay attention to the steering motor. Starting from the rear, the motor shaft rotation should be clockwise. Specific steps is open the three-phase power supply of the motor. Point moving motor start button, and check whether it is right. In the opposite direction, the exchange of any two of the three power terminal.

2, when the pumping gas containing dust or particles, suitable inlet strainer should be installed at the entrance of the water pump, to prevent dust or particles inhaled in the pump cavity, so as to damage the roots vacuum pump.

3, should be installed level, or other objects the clearance between the pump and wall should be at least 300 mm, and pump the oil window space shall be maintained to facilitate observation of oil level.

4, pumps and pumping pipe should be clean, dry and no leakage. The diameter of the pipe should be at least as large as inlet diameter of roots vacuum water pump. The length should be shorter, in order to reduce the loss of the pumping speed. Joints should not have leakage.

5, roots vacuum pump should be installed in a dry, ventilated and clean place.

before installing the roots vacuum pump, please read this manual carefully several times, then after understanding for installation. After the installation is complete, must check equipment for many times. If the condition allows, you should still look for professionals to install. It is also a safer operation. Methods.

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