Note - choose water ring vacuum pump unit

by:J&T     2020-05-16

water ring vacuum pump unit is equipped with eccentric rotor with fixed blades. It is a wall of water into the stator, and the formation and the type of liquid ring concentric stator. Rotary vacuum pump variable volume. Let's talk about matters that should be paid attention to when the choice.

1。 To determine the water ring vacuum pump

the type of water ring vacuum pumps mainly depends on the pumping medium, the quantity of air required for the job, the exhaust pressure or vacuum.

2。 There are two water ring vacuum pump is normal work, need to pay attention to

1) The vacuum degree of vacuum pump should be selected as run in high efficient area, namely in demands the critical or vacuum exhaust pressure range. Avoid big vacuum or in a vacuum pump to run near the exhaust pressure range.

2) In this area is not only inefficient, but also very unstable, and the vacuum water pump is easy to produce vibration and noise. For the vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, often found in the area corrosion. Produce the phenomenon of obvious phenomenon is the noise and vibration in the vacuum pump. Excessive cavitation will damage the pump body and impeller parts, such as making the vacuum water pump can't work normally.

3。 According to the system required for correct selection of vacuum pump containment

if you choose the types of vacuum pump and vacuum unit, you will need to according to the pumping volume required by the system to select the correct model.

you can see, when the vacuum degree necessary for the water ring vacuum pump or the air pressure is not high, can choose priority in single stage vacuum pump. If the vacuum or high exhaust pressure, single stage vacuum pump usually can not meet the requirements, or still required under high vacuum pump with large air volume, that is, under the high vacuum performance curve is flat. Using two stage vacuum pump.

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