Non-plugging sewage pump cavitation causes and retrofit scheme

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Non-clog sewage pump with and without blocking self-priming pump, without blocking circulation pumps, anti-corrosion stainless steel water pump, and ordinary cast iron lining plastic mortar pump pump, no blockage caused by sewage pump cavitation is what causes? What are the retrofit scheme? 1 a, sewage pump malfunctions, run less than two months, 2, pump impeller blade by cavitation under a state of full open valve run 3, pump outlet pressure of 0. 7 - 0. 8 KGF/cm2, pointer shaking frequently, there is a clear up to 4, the condenser temperature 25 ℃ of in and out of the circulating cooling water, the normal temperature for 8 ~ 11 ℃ 1 second, the phenomenon analysis temperature 25 ℃, cooling water, normal temperature difference should be 8 ~ 11 ℃, insufficient explanation of circulating cooling water flow; There is a clear up, pump cavitation phenomenon is serious. 2, pump outlet pressure is less than one kilogram ( 1kg/cm2) , while the lift is 32 meters, apparently because of the pump head selection is too high, the pump should be low head, large flow, cavitation performance is poor under the condition of running, which lead to the serious cavitation damage of blades. Third, field test 1, the valve from fully open position step by step down, their every 15 minutes down time, read a number. 2, after the fourth down, pump outlet pressure to rise to 1. 85公斤/平方厘米。 3, continue to try until the pump outlet pressure at 3. After 2 KGF/cm2, before and after the condenser cooling water temperature from 25 ℃ to 11 ℃ or so, this suggests that the circulating cooling water has increased. cavitation noise disappeared at the same time, the outlet pressure pointer is stable. The outlet valve opening at this time only about 10%, some vibration of the valve. Four, retrofit scheme through the analysis of the phenomenon and the field test, and deeper understanding of all information, we to the user's Suggestions about analysis from the leadership and technical personnel, and put forward the renovation plan. 1, the device a sign for condensing steam quantity is 110 m3 / h, requirements of circulating water for 3850-6050 m3 / h, single pump flow of 3025 ~ 3850 m3 / h. suction culvert pipe diameter for Dg1000, L2 = 25 m in length, a foot valve, four 900 elbow. The condenser pressure drop within delta H = 5 m, according to the data calculated pump characteristic curve equation for: HZ = KQ2 = 6. 67 q2q:立方米/秒) 2, double water pump run time point A condition for: & Sigma; Q = 1。 68立方米/秒= 6050立方米/总部= 0。 84 m3 / s = 3025 m3 / hH = 18 m3, point A of the single pump operation conditions as follows: Q = 1. 07年立方米/秒= 3852立方米/ hH = 7。 5 m, therefore, choose the sa - 24 18 type pump ( Q = 3240 m3 / h, h = 32 m) Lift too much on the high side. Because of the existing pump lift on the high side is too much, hard to achieved by cutting impeller, must design a new impeller. At the same time because of the low head, and to maintain the flow of the pump, in order to ensure that the requirements of the specific speed centrifugal pump, and must be the speed of 960 r/min to 740 r/min.
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