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by:J&T     2020-04-15
Non-clog pulp water pump is a new kind of slurry pump is energy saving, high efficiency, no or less leakage, good blocking resistance, stable operation, high reliability, compact structure, etc. Mainly embodied in the following aspects: using partially or fully open impeller, wear plate and adjustable impeller front clearance, shaft seal mainly adopts mechanical seal, using high precision bearing ( D - Accuracy) Type and high quality shaft, so the XWJ non-clog pulp pump is your ideal 'good helper', at the same time, your success is our unremitting pursuit. Structure description: 1. XWJ non-clog pulp pump is a single-stage single-suction cantilever structure, mainly by the phi pump body, impeller, water pump cover, wear plate and suspension parts. 2. Clockwise from the motor end, motor, pump axial suction, radial ( Phi) between Emissions; 3. is the back door structure, during the maintenance without disassembly of in and out of the pipe; 4. shaft is supported by two high precision rolling bearing, and thin oil ( 20 support oil) Lubrication. 5. Shaft sealing adopts mechanical seal or packing. 6. By adjusting screws, wear-resistant plate can be adjusted and the space between the impeller of the side, in order to keep the impeller efficiency of continuous operation. 7. and motor directly driven by pin coupling. flow passage parts material for HT, QT 450-200 10, 35 or ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti mid-december, shaft 40 Cr or 3 cr13 material. A: it is very important to the innovation of the forced circulation pump under an article: the four methods of slurry pump to save energy
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