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by:J&T     2020-04-15
Non-clog pulp pump is a new kind of slurry pump is energy saving, high efficiency, no or less leakage, good blocking resistance, stable operation, high reliability, compact structure, etc. Mainly embodied in the following aspects: using partially or fully open impeller, wear plate and adjustable impeller front clearance, shaft seal mainly adopts mechanical seal, using high precision bearing ( D - Accuracy) Type and high quality shaft, so the XWJ non-clog pulp water pump is your ideal 'good helper', at the same time, your success is our unremitting pursuit. Products use non-clog pulp pump can be widely applied to the temperature below 110 ℃, the concentration less than 6% of light industry and papermaking industry. At the same time, can also be used for industrial and urban water supply, drainage, etc. Why the previous: forced circulation water pump under different working conditions, can be used for an article: the working principle of slurry water pump
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