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by:J&T     2020-04-14
No seal self-priming pump automatic control review of self-control WFB series self-priming pump USES the leak-off V seal assembly, eliminates the traditional pump packing seal, packing seal and mechanical seal, completely inhibit the pump run, drop, drip. Is to replace the original long axis submersible pump, submersible pump is the ideal equipment. Structure of the pump faults: one is the axial leakage, not suitable for frequent starting equipment; Second, auxiliary impeller power consumption is too large, the pump efficiency is low. The improved sealing device for the WFB structure, one is to improve the efficiency of the water pump, 2 it is to reduce the power of motor, 3 it is to inhibit the pump stop leakage phenomenon. In the process of movement, sealing device without friction and wear, the service life of more than 10 times longer than similar products. Transplanting, the principle of vacuum pump, self-priming performance is stable and reliable, especially the use of 'electric air control valve', truly realized 'a drainage, life-long self-priming'. The utility model has high efficiency, little vibration, low noise, flexible motion, easy disassembly, easy installation, do not need the advantages of the fixed foot, to avoid the long axis of the hydraulic pump transportation, installation and maintenance difficulties. Have superior automatic control function, can with high-tech and high automation series products. The previous: stainless steel self-priming pump is introduced in the next article: can blot of stainless steel barrel with self-priming pump basic instructions
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