No reason - water centrifugal pump starts at high temperatures

by:J&T     2020-05-14
A, there is air intake pipe and pump body

1, high temperature centrifugal pump with satisfactory water had not previously. Seems to have been filled with water from the vent overflow, but has not yet been completely discharge the air in pump shaft overturned, leading to a small amount of residual air in the intake pipe or pump.

2, high temperature and centrifugal pump in contact pressure pipe horizontal section on the flow direction of the slope under the conditions of the use of 0. Of 5% or more, and the water pump inlet end is very high, but not completely. Assumes upward sloping, the air will remain in the inlet pipe, reducing the water and the vacuum pump, which affect the water absorption.

3, use for a long time can lead to high temperature of the centrifugal pump seal wear or gasket is too loose, resulting in a lot of water from the gasket and water pump shaft liner space. The result is the outside air from these into the gaps. Internal influence the ascension of water pump.

4, due to the long-term potential of underwater, pressure pipe corrosion. After high temperature centrifugal water pump work, the water falling. When these hole shows that the surface of the water, the air will enter DPP conduit from the hole.

5, inlet pipe bend crack, joint relaxation between inlet pipe and pump, which may lead to air into the intake pipe.

2, suction is too big some water deeper, some water outside more flat terrain, and ignore the high temperature without the permission of the centrifugal pump, the suction to produce the effect of the suction or not less absorbent. It is necessary to know, can be set up at the water inlet of the pump vacuum degree has a limit. Must be about 10 meters high, vacuum suction centrifugal pump may not be able to establish a certain vacuum degree. And the vacuum degree is too big, and the water in the pump easy vaporization, and make the standby pump. As a result, each centrifugal pump has a larger allows suction range, usually in 3 - 8. 5 meters between. Pumping equipment, should not be simplified.

3, high temperature centrifugal pump into the water, the outlet pipe resistance much

some users have to measure, while the vertical distance from reservoir or water tower to water than centrifugal pump head vertical distance is a little small, but it is still very small or cannot ascend. Is the usual cause pipe is too long, many bend pipe, pipe in the water too much. Is the usual cause pipe is too long, many bend pipe, pipe in the water too much. Under normal circumstances, was 90 degrees 120 degrees than more resistant. Each 90 - degree bend head losses about 0. 5 - 1 m。 Each of the 20 m pipe resistance leads to about 11 m head losses. In addition, some users free to the diameter of the pipe and pump out of the tube, and it has some influence on the head.

4, high temperature centrifugal pump speed is too low

1, artificial elements. Due to the damage of the original motor, some users equipped with the electric motor. Effect is small flow rate, head low or even no water.

2, high temperature centrifugal pump itself mechanical faults. Impeller and pump shaft fixed nut loose, or pump shaft deformation and bending, move more, impeller directly with the pump body friction, or bearing is damaged, the speed of the pump may reduce.

3, engine maintenance. Motor demagnetization due to winding burned, repair winding circle number, wire diameter, modify or repair the defects in the process of short circuit wiring method will also change the pump speed.

5, the influence of other factors

1, the bottom valve cannot open. Because of centrifugal pump placed too long, usually at the bottom of the valve gasket stuck, without gaskets at the bottom of the valve may be rust.

2, the valve at the bottom of the filter mesh blocked; Or bottom valve may be blocked the sludge in the water layer.

3, impeller badly worn. Impeller blades long wear, thereby affect the function of the pump.

4, the valve may be one-way valve faults or congestion, and even this will reduce the flow of water.

5, outlet pipe leakage will also affect water output.

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