New anticorrosive pump motor burn machine has something to do with inexperienced operators?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
The rotation of the motor is now using high frequency tool, in anticorrosive water pump configuration, the motor is very common, anti-corrosion pumps are mainly used in chemical desulfurization, and the water pump for the transmission of corrosive media, the use of the motor is convenient, safe, each user has affirmed with the development of frequency converter and popularization, more and more motor need to cooperate with the inverter are used together, but in the process of frequency converter and motor used will inevitably encounter many problems. When users in the use of frequency converter motor burn machine, often cannot understand, some users think that when installing the inverter also installed the protection of the early warning device, how possible motor burning machine, usually doubt motor quality problem, the following example analysis of motor for inexperienced operators to burn machine analysis: the cases of a company connecting burned two new motors! The inverter output current voltage balance, the input voltage balance, current instability, fluctuations in 20% 50%, frequency converter is 35 hz interturn short circuit burn, the grid voltage is stable, 720 v, the motor and the inverter from 120 m, inverter input output is added the reactor. - motor current is very small, and the environment temperature About 10 degrees, can be ruled out the cause of the motor overheating. This is the reason why may cause motor failure? Analysis for load current of motor is not big, is the result of the frequency converter. One possible reason: frequency converter motor far distance, cable length, and the earth, there are certain distributed capacitance, the capacitor will affect the transmission of electricity, make the produce certain phase shift between the current and voltage, makes the add on the motor ( Motor driver analyzer can see, normal multimeter to see) Pulse high voltage, high voltage breakdown of motor winding. A, how to determine whether the motor can withstand the overshoot voltage of working conditions on site? A real test case one cigarette factory company type silk workshop, there are a lot of small power frequency conversion motor, inverter drive running. The distance between inverter and motor is 5 m or so. With a FLUKE MDA550 input terminal of the inverter output and motor respectively test analysis. After testing, the inverter output waveform is neat no obvious overshoot phenomenon, overcharge coefficient is only 1. 01. In motor input can be seen, however, there are a lot of spikes, high voltage 840 v, overshoot coefficient of 1. 5. So this high will overshoot voltage to the motor damage risk? We found that type motor operation instruction, carries on the judgment. Through the FLUKE MDA550 test results showed that on the motor end at 0. 16μ S rise time, pulse voltage is 830 v. Through the limit curve of motor using manual ( The IEC/TS - 60034 17日,GB / T 20161 - 2008). It can be seen that in 0. 16μ S rise between the cases, the motor can afford pulse voltage exceeds 830 v, which can be judged, safe operation under the condition of the motor can be, if appear the motor damage, shall be investigated for the quality problem of the motor manufacturer. Second, the different working conditions, the motor pulse voltage at the input is not the same. 1. Advice is more important for plant production line of the tested pulse voltage motor, the motor according to the manual, can determine whether the motor under the conditions of pulse voltage, if unable to bear, can take the corresponding solutions, such as: add filter, choke, change to withstand the working condition of pulse voltage insulation class motor. 2. Once appear outage, operating mode of the pulse voltage test, distinguish responsibility.
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