Motor vibration causes and measures

by:J&T     2020-06-30
Motor can also be called motor; Usually divided into 220 v and 380 v voltage; Motor speed can be divided into grade 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. , series, speed is different also. Motor is commonly used in the chemical production machinery and equipment, then the vibration during operation what to do, appear vibration reasons for what? 1 a, vibration reasons. Mechanical aspects: motor itself: unbalanced rotor, shaft bending, deformation, slip ring stator uneven air gap, the magnetic center is inconsistent. Bearing failure: basic installation. Mechanical strength is not enough. Resonance, loose bolts, damage of fan motor. Bearing running close to use life, motor vibration increases gradually, the bearing running noise, possible research shaft research cover and sweep hall. 2, electromagnetic aspects: power supply: three-phase voltage ( Imbalance, lack of three-phase motor phase operation) Aspects: the stator iron core is oval, eccentric, loose, winding breakdown, turn-to-turn short circuit, break line, grounding connection error three phase current balance. Rotor fault: core ellipse, eccentric, looseness, rotor end ring and cage open welding, fracture. Wound rotor type three-phase winding unbalanced, winding broken wires, grounding breakdown, interturn breakdown, wrong wiring, brush contact undesirable. 3. Electrical and mechanical mixing reason: motor vibration is often uneven air gap, cause unilateral electromagnetic force, tension and gets gap increases further, electrical and mechanical mixing action of electromechanical vibration. Axial series motor, the rotor itself or installation level and gravity magnetic center without causing motor electromagnetic force caused by axial moving, cause of motor vibration increase, bearing wear serious circumstances, the vibration reason for bearing temperature rise rapidly. Coupling with aspects: coupling damage, bad contact, find center are not allowed to be unbalanced load mechanical system resonance. Second, the overhaul method 1. Mechanical reason maintenance: check whether the air gap is even, if the measured values, to adjust the air gap, check the bearing, measuring gap such as unqualified bearing replacement, check the core deformation and looseness of loose core available irrigation solid epoxy resin adhesive, check the shaft, repair welding was carried out on the bending axis of reprocessed or direct axis directly, then the rotor dynamic balance test. 2. Repair electrical reasons: first of all determine whether the stator three phase dc resistance balance, if not balance, explain the stator wire welding parts have open welding phenomenon, disconnect phase winding points to find whether there is another winding interturn short circuit phenomenon, such as fault obvious can see from the surface of the insulating sear, or use the instrument measuring the stator winding, after confirm the turn-to-turn short circuit, the electrical winding offline again. 3. Check normal load mechanical, electrical itself is no problem, cause of failure, the reason is the connection part, then check the motor on the basis of water level, gradient, intensity, center alignment is correct, coupling, bad of motor shaft rao degree meets the requirement.
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