Motor type, name, specifications, form and meaning of knowledge

by:J&T     2020-06-30
Motor is a very common electric equipment operation, the life of the electric equipment and the production of equipment generally used motor drive, how can we identify so motor, motor points 2, 4, 6, 8. 。 。 And so on, the motor model is easy to use, design, manufacturing and other departments for business contact and simplified technology files in the product name, specification, type of narration and referenced by a symbol. To introduce the information such as motor model meaning below. By a motor, motor type composition and meaning: type codes, codes of motor characteristics, and design the serial number and excitation type code of four section sequence. 1, the type code is a characterization of the various types of motor and the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Such as: asynchronous motor synchronous motor T Y, Z synchronous generator TF dc motor, dc generator ZF2, design the serial number refers to the order motor product design, expressed with Arabic numerals. Design products not marked serial number for the first time, the series products are derived according to the order of the design of product labeling. Such as: Y2 YB23, excitation mode code with letters, S three harmonic, J said thyristor, X said phase compound excitation. Such as: Y2 - - - - - - - 160 M1 – Y: 8 models, asynchronous motor; Number 2: design, & other; 2' Said the first time based on the improved design of the product; 160: high center, is the shaft center to the base plane height; M1: frame length specifications, M is medium, including footnotes & other 2' Is the second M type core specification, and & other; 2' Type than & other; 1' Long core. 8: pole, & other; 8' Refers to the eight pole motor. Such as: Y 630 & ndash; 10/1180 said y asynchronous motor; 630 said power 630 kw; 10, stator core diameter 1180 mm. 4, characteristic code is characterization of motor performance, structure, or use, also use pinyin letters. Such as: flameproof expressed in B on YB axial flow ventilator with YT serve to connect YEJ electromagnetic brake type YVP frequency control of motor speed type pole changing YD multi-speed type crane YZD etc. Second, the special environmental code has the following provisions: code and other special environment; High & throughout; The original ship with G ( “ Sea & throughout; ) Households with H & other; Throughout the &; Use W chemical prevention & other; Rot & throughout; With F T hot and humid tropical with belt with TH dry tropical with TA three, high specification code mainly use center, frame length, core length and the number of 1, the number of points 2, 4, 6, 8 pole, etc. 2, high center show by the motor axis to stand on the surface of the base level; According to different motor can be divided into high center of large, medium-sized, small and micro four, including center high H in 45 mm to 71 mm belongs to the micro motor; H at 80 mm to 315 mm belongs to a small motor; H at 355 mm to 630 mm belongs to medium-sized motor; H above 630 mm belongs to large motor. 3, the length of the frame in international general letters: S— A short frame M— Stand in the L— Lead length 4, core with Arabic Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4,,,, from long to short, respectively. Four, there is a requirement for supplement complementary code applies only to motor for example: the models of YB2 - products 132S- 4 H motor the meaning of each symbol is: Y: product type code, asynchronous motor; B: product features, said flameproof; 2: product design, serial number, said the second design; Axis of 132: high motor center, said the distance to the ground is 132 mm; S: motor frame length, expressed as short stand; 4: pole, said 4 pole machine; H: special environment, Marine motor.
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