Motor temperature is too high to do _ __ vacuum pump vacuum pump system

by:J&T     2020-05-28

vacuum pump system used in the vacuum device is started, and spare not condense gases from the condenser during normal operations. This water pump is equipped with 160 kw motor, the speed of 590 r/min, rated current 330 a, voltage 380 v, B insulation, when the normal operation of the current 220 - 230A。 Every summer, the motor temperature will exceed bid, forcing a temporary installation cooling fan, but the result is bad. Motor running under the high temperature for long time can cause insulation aging and shorten the service life of motor. Analyses the reasons of the high temperature vacuum pump motor.

root cause analysis:

( 1) The motor power, working current is big, calorific value is big.

( 2) Fan speed is low, low air pressure, air volume is small.

( 3) The fan blade quantity less, the air volume is small.

( 4) Dust and oil adhesion on the motor to reduce the heat dissipation.

( 5) Vacuum pump motor bus voltage of 380 v. Due to the voltage drop of the cable and uneven distribution of the load, applying the actual motor voltage is 365 v, only low voltage led to the working current is larger.

countermeasures: motor power and speed matching with the vacuum pump system, cannot be changed. Fan mounted on a motorized spindle. To determine the speed of the fan motor speed, cannot be replaced. Increase the number of the fan blade can play a role, but with the increase of leaf number, dynamic balance is not easy to find. If correction is not good, the vibration of the motor will increase.

( 1) Original fan cover 40 cm long, contains a same axial flow fan and fan casing diameter. Axial flow fan motor power is 850 w, the speed of 1489 r/min, the voltage is 380 v, retain the original fan. Axial flow fan with another power control, there is no connection between axial flow fan and the main motor. Start the vacuum pump axial flow fan in a timely manner after the launch. In the vacuum pump stop after 30 minutes, axial flow fan to make the main motor to cool completely.

( 2) Regular cleaning the dust on the machine, keep the motor heat sink clean. Increase heat dissipation ability;

( 3) Adjust the vacuum water pump of the bus voltage is 400 v.

the results showed that:

( 1) Due to their high axial flow fan speed, air pressure, air volume is large, cooling effect is improved obviously. In the same environment temperature and load power flow, main motor temperature drop 12 ° C, in summer the temperature of the main motor does not exceed the limit.

( 2) Axial flow fan can be manual control. After the main motor stops running, axial flow fan can still run, make the main motor to cool completely.

( 3) Try to balance the two bus load distribution, in order to prevent a busbar voltage drop due to overload overload.

( 4) After pressure regulation, vacuum pump working current dropped to 210 a, relatively lower calorific value.

( 5) The main motor insulation aging at a slower pace, prolong service life.

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