Motor series have what meaning, how to use?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
The number of motor reflect the synchronous speed of the motor. 2 pole synchronous speed was 3000 r/min, 4 pole synchronous speed was 1500 r/min, 6 pole synchronous speed was 1000 r/min, eight pole synchronous speed was 750 r/min. How to correctly use in production of motor series, general according to usage, speed motor series. The more polar logarithmic motor, motor speed, the lower the greater the torque. Extremely refers to the rotor of the generator in the rotor winding ventilation with exciting current after the formation of the magnetic pole. Simply each round is the rotor on the stator coil of a circle can be induced to form several periodic current of different pole to produce 50 hz potential will require a different speed. ( 50 hz * 60 seconds per minute ( That is, 3000) Divided by the number of laps is the motor of the RPM) Motor is the same truth, is a reverse process of generator. Identification method 1. Look at speed. Such as 1430 r/min actual synchronous speed is 1500 RPM, the rotating speed formula: speed = time ( 60 seconds) × Frequency ( 50HZ) The logarithmic divided by the number of poles a pole for two pole, thus can calculate 3000 & divide; 1500 = 2 pole for 4 pole motor. 2. Look at models. More directly, such as motor model is 132 M - Y 4 Y → Three-phase asynchronous motor, three-phase asynchronous motor of code name of the product are: YR for wound rotor asynchronous motor; YB for explosion-proof type asynchronous motor; YQ as high starting of asynchronous motor. 132→ High stand center ( mm) M→ The length of the frame code 4 & rarr; Pole number. Asynchronous motor is YB beginning, squirrel-cage for YR, increased safety for YA, then the center and the number of high, such as YR400 - 4 560 6 kv, is the induction squirrel-cage motor center is 400 mm high, number 4, rated power 560 kw, 6 kv rated voltage. Motor series to determine the synchronous speed of the motor. Example: 4 motor grade 4 motor synchronous speed = {1 minute The frequency of the power supply ( 50Hz) × 60 seconds} ÷ ( The series of the motor & divide; 2) =3000÷ 2 = 1500 RPM can understand like this: 2 is base ( For the 3000) Extremely extremely can only in addition to the 2, 6, to 4 except 3, 8 except 4 pole. Rather than say 2 removed by 3000 2. Such as the choice of water water pump motor, the number of choice should be selected according to the rated speed of water water pump, 2, 2900 r/min to 1450 r/min4 extremely, 970 r/min 6 pole, etc. Three-phase ac motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor. When the stator zhongtong into the three-phase alternating current, can produce a rotating magnetic field. There are two pole (magnetic field is always Also can say in pairs) , namely, N ( The North Pole) And S ( The Antarctic) , also known as a pole. When ac motor stator winding winding way not at the same time, produce a rotating magnetic field of magnetic pole number is different. Pole number directly affect the speed of the motor, their relation is: synchronous speed = 60 & times; Logarithmic frequency/level. If the motor synchronous speed 1500 r/min, depending on the type can calculate the logarithm is 2, is 4 pole motor. Synchronous speed and logarithmic are basic parameters of the motor, the motor nameplate can be detected. Because a logarithmic can affect the speed of the motor, can use to change the speed of the motor of logarithm change.
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