Mixing box of rotary vane vacuum pumps do you know _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

rotary vane vacuum pump/compressor used in mixing drum of the blow-up lilo, to produce higher than flow slurry box ( Or 'raw material tank') Raw material pressure/vacuum levels, so as to maximize the control material displacement ( 'Spray' speed) 。 through a series of valves, usually ACTS as vacuum pumps and compressors, above the 'pool' of the feed vacuum or pressure in the gap, to control the flow of pulp box static head next, analysis the effect of slurry tank and the slurry tank problems need attention when using rotary vane vacuum pump.

what is the definition and role of mixing box?

definition: mixing box is an open square box, placed between the tank and the desander, in order to regulate the amount of paper pulp to paper machine.

flow slurry box the role of the rotary-vane vacuum pump are

1, adjust the sent to the paper machine of paper pulp, in order to make quantitative stability.

2, adjust the pulp concentration. , according to a paper to add water dilute and desanding to sieve, and the paper made uniform mixing with paper. The characteristics of the rotary-vane vacuum pump are


rotary vane vacuum pump has small volume, light weight, low noise, start the advantages of convenient. In addition, the measures to prevent oil return and the measures to prevent pollution of oil spill site.

1, rotary vane vacuum pump is the basic equipment for vacuum. It can be used alone, also can be used for all kinds of high vacuum system of the booster pump and booster pump. It is Luo Xuan vacuum device.

2, the entry of the rotary vane vacuum pump into the atmosphere of open, no more than 3 minutes.

3, the pump is not suitable for removing containing metal corrosive with chemical reaction and the pump oil to gas dust. In the gas oxygen is overmuch, easy to explode.

4, rotary vane vacuum pumps can be used as a compression pump or pump.

will dilute method combined with water and the pump when used, should pay attention to?

1 from the mixing tank to the slurry pump pipe should not be installed horizontally, and should have a certain slope in order to prevent the fiber precipitation.

2 mud valve position the mixing tank is like offline white tank low level 1. 5m。

3 there are air, lower export can produce hole, the pulp volume change.

4 slurry tank slurry pipeline should be connected directly to the slurry pump suction. The direction should be along the axial direction of the slurry pump, or in the water pump suction side above extra line into 450 Angle direction. Affected by other pipeline is lesser, Bai Shuichi is usually before the pump source of constant pressure head.

when slurry tank using rotary vane vacuum pumps, should pay attention to?

1。 Mixing box parts should be smooth and screw the door is the handwheel adjustment.

2。 Mixing due and overflow in the grid, to ensure the stability of the feed rate and whitewater.

3。 The height of the pulp level should be enough.

4。 Pulp door opening size depends on the paper machine production capacity.

5。 Mud or water into the blender mixing tank pipe from the bottom of the box or mud below into the side, and as little as possible contact with air.

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