Minutes to solve the anti-corrosion chemical pump motor overload

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Anti-corrosion chemical pump is the common use of the industrial production of corrosive liquid conveying pump, anti-corrosion chemical pump as a preservative fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, stainless steel centrifugal pump, fluorine plastic magnetic pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, etc. , anti-corrosion material is different, the use of the pump performance is different also, anti-corrosion chemical pump USES motor drive running normally, each type of chemical pump manufacturer has a standard motor, because of various factors in the process of using and some users do not understand, motor tend to overload, the use of chemical pump performance and life greatly affected, the following details of pump motor overload causes and treatment methods, let you points minutes solve chemical pump motor overload phenomenon: one, the reason of the chemical pump motor overload: 1, the pump shaft and motor shaft is different; shaft bending; 2, the impeller and the pump shell gap is too small to produce friction. 3, excessive speed; Bearing damage; 4, the liquid viscosity is higher than the specified value; 5, don't turn, revolved packing too tight, sliding bearing gap is too small; 6, the density of the fluid is higher than the specified value or crystallization. Second, the solution: 1, to adjust the water pump and motor shaft concentricity; Straightening shaft bending; 2, adjust the clearance between impeller and casing, eliminate the friction. 3, adjust the motor speed or change in nameplate production standards; Replace the bearing; 4, dilute liquid viscosity, conform to the requirements of the technology transfer; 5, adjust the packing tightness, enlarging the clearance of sliding bearing; 6, to join thinner, reduce the density and heat elimination of crystallization.
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