Method, the improvement of the performance of the vacuum pump

by:J&T     2020-05-31

although vacuum pump failure is varied, but most can be eliminated. Sometimes, for some production application, the new pump still feel its ultimate vacuum is not high, the maintenance personnel can do our best to improve some maintenance methods described earlier, procedures and the analysis of the key components, so as to find solutions.

according to limit vacuum index, some of the pump is not very low, but in production is expected to be improved. We should how to do? The following new 2 x - 30 rotating blade oil seal mechanical vacuum pump maintenance experience for reference. When the pump test for the first time, found no big problem. In production, in the hope that vacuum gauge only with it can steadily reached more than 75 cell ( 510 - the equivalent of McIntosh measurement 4) , but in fact it was not much lower than expected.

maintenance, remove after measuring size of the main parts: rotor tangent between 0. 4 mm, high vacuum chamber clearance 0. 07 mm, low vacuum chamber double gap 0. 8 mm, shorter than the rotor rotor 0. 02 mm. The data in the normal range.

this pump repair can be start by reducing the tolerance clearance. First of all, try to change the eccentric value: using eccentric sleeve instead of intermediate shaft sleeve, enable the tangent point gap reduced to 0. 02 mm; High vacuum chamber of the pump cavity milling to 0. 3 mm, the low vacuum chamber of the water pump cavity grinding to 0. 4 mm. After cleaning, the inverted assembling on platform ( No positioning pin) 。 When assembling, plated with the hand pump wheel, and based on the principle of diagonal evenly tighten fastening screws. According to the experience, if the appearance of the rotor is a perfect circle, when the pump wheels, no matter what, should have the feeling of blocking and laborious. However, if the assembly is not correct or the appearance of the rotor is oval, when the impeller rotates, produce wheel weight and half weeks round light feeling. Very little pump assembly clearance to reduce, if the assembly is not careful, the pump will not be able to correct installation, therefore in the process of running by reason of friction, heat and easily stuck or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assembled. Loaded, measured with thermocouple gage 82 battery vacuum degree, equivalent to 810 - according to the curve 3, McNamara measured values greater than 210 - 4. Run after a period of time, vacuum degree also increased slightly. This example illustrates the:

rotary plate and the rotor assembly is very important, the rotor and the pump cavity, on the point of tangency between the clearance, clearance between rotating plate and the end cover, the high and low vacuum chamber and double space between the rotor tangent point gap is the key to repair and manufacturing. Even so, if we do not have the right to assembly, pump and pump poor material, also have stuck or the risk of damage. Therefore, it should be determined by practice in the experiment, and should not treat as the same.

( 2) For general differential vacuum pump, through appropriate adjustment assembly clearance and oil can achieve better effect.

( 3) Measuring clearance should be carefully and accurately. In addition to measuring tools should be calibrated to comply with the provisions of the precision, the workpiece should be clean and dry. Usually, the measurement should be repeated several times. Keep records. Then, consider all aspects of the pump, determine the grinding size.

test shenzhen rotary-vane vacuum pump performance, should be calibrated thermocouple vacuum gauge and other relevant instruments.

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