Metering pump which has several types, its characteristic is what?

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Metering pump of PVC plastic and metal material has a lot of common with stainless steel, what types of metering pump, what is the distinguishing feature of each type? According to the metering pump on the hydraulic structure, often used the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump into plunger type, type, mechanical diaphragm and electromagnetic metering pump, etc. A, electromagnetic metering pump metering pump electromagnetic drive technology has broken the traditional design on the motor as a prime mover, gears and crank connecting rod as the structure of transmission mechanism, and USES the electronic control circuit to produce electromagnetic pulse, using electric solenoid coil electromagnetic force to drive the plunger reciprocating linear motion, and to adjust the control flow through the stroke rate. But at the moment due to technical reasons, electromagnetic metering pump power is small. Electromagnetic dosing pump features: 1) The price is low; 2) No dynamic seal, no leakage; 3) Small volume, light weight, easy to operate; 4) Applicable to the laboratory, water treatment, swimming pool, vehicle cleaning, small tower, reverse osmosis water treatment system and other trace dosing system. Second, mechanical diaphragm metering pump mechanical diaphragm metering pump diaphragm and the plunger body connection, no hydraulic oil system, before and after the plunger moving directly drives the diaphragm flexure deformation before and after. Due to its diaphragm side of medium pressure, therefore, mechanical diaphragm pump discharge pressure is generally not more than 1. 2MPa。 The characteristics of the mechanical diaphragm metering pump: 1) The price is low; 2) No dynamic seal, no leakage; 3) Can transport high viscosity medium, abrasive slurry and dangerous chemicals; 4) The diaphragm under high stress, lower diaphragm life; 5) Outlet pressure under 2 mpa, measuring accuracy for & plusmn; 2%; 6) No safety relief devices. Three, the plunger type metering pump plunger metering pump and general structure of the reciprocating water pump is essentially the same, its hydraulic comprised cylinder, plunger, suction and discharge valve, packing and so on, in addition to meet the normal reciprocating pump hydraulic end design requirements, also to influence the measuring accuracy of the pump suction valve and discharge valve, sealing parts, such as elaborate design and selection. The characteristics of the plunger metering pump: 1) The price is low; 2) Flow rate is up to 76 m & sup3; / h, the flow rate within 10% ~ 100%, the measuring accuracy can reach & plusmn; 1%, the pressure of up to 350 mpa. Outlet pressure changes, flow almost unchanged; 3) Can transport high viscosity medium, not suitable for transport corrosive slurry and dangerous chemicals; 4) Shaft seal for packing seal, there is leakage, should be periodically adjust the packing. Packing and plunger wear easily, need for packing ring pressure flushing and emissions; 5) No safety relief devices. Four, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is widely used in industrial production of metering pump. Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump is usually called the diaphragm metering pump, the plunger front end is equipped with a layer of the diaphragm ( Plunger and diaphragm not contact) , hydraulic and hydraulic end separated into infusion cavity. Infusion pump suction and discharge valve cavity connections, hydraulic cavity filled with hydraulic oil ( Light oil) And compared with the hydraulic oil tank at the top of the pump body ( Fill fuel tank) Is same. When the piston back and forth motion, through the hydraulic oil pressure to the diaphragm before and after the flexure deformation causes the change of volume, have the effect of conveying liquid and meet the requirements of precise measurement. Hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, which has two kinds of single diaphragm and diaphragm. Single diaphragm rupture of the diaphragm metering pump, the liquid mixed with the hydraulic oil to be delivered, for some medium are prone to accidents. Double diaphragm pump to fill inert liquid between two layers of the diaphragm, such as soft water, alcohol, aromatics and fatty hydrocarbon and so on, and ask the inert liquid mixed with medium or hydraulic oil to be delivered does not cause harmful response. When one piece of diaphragm rupture can be through the pressure gauge, acousto-optic device or chemical test methods such as timely report to the police. When does not allow any contact with any inert liquid conveying liquid, generally can be used between two layers of diaphragm vacuum. SH / T 3142 - 2004 provisions of dangerous and harmful medium or medium and hydraulic oil reacts to the media should use double diaphragm metering pump. To increase the reliability of the pump, double diaphragm metering pump are recommended other occasions. The characteristics of the hydraulic diaphragm metering pump: 1) No dynamic seal, no leakage, safety relief devices, simple maintenance; 2) Outlet pressure of up to 100 mpa; In the regulation of 10:1 ratio range, measurement accuracy can reach & plusmn; 1%; 3) The price is higher.
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