Metering pump and electric reciprocating pump common failures and solutions are there?

by:J&T     2020-06-19
A lot of applications in industrial production, water pump, water pump type is various, for metering water pump and electric reciprocating pump is used in specific situations, metering pump to use flow accurately, is relatively small, metering pump and electric reciprocating pump in use failure to how to solve it, what are the failure? No, water pump drainage or pump drainage after disruption, failure analysis: 1 motor does not rotate; Suction pipe blockage or suction valve not open; Suction line leak; Suction valve and discharge valve damage or untight seal; Oil filling system of oil have impurities, untight seal; Motor speed is insufficient or unstable; The suction liquid level is too low. 2, the solution: check the power supply, circuit and motor; Check the suction pipe, filters, open the suction valve; Check the suction pipe, seal; Maintenance of suction valve and discharge valve, if necessary, to replace; In a clean oil; Check that the motor speed distribution electric system and the voltage, stable; Adjust the suction surface. 2, 1 part overheating, failure analysis: the motion pair lubrication situation is bad; Too tightly on the packing; Or inadequate or excessive transmission mechanism of oil tank, oil is not good. 2, the solution: check the sympathised with the oil hole, filling oil ( Fat) ; Adjust the packing gland; Replace the new lubricating oil, the oil volume is appropriate. Three, measuring accuracy reduce 1, failure analysis: plunger zero drift. 2, the solution: to adjust the plunger zero. Four, pump pressure is not enough 1, failure analysis: suction valve and discharge valve damage; The diaphragm or discharge pipe joint seal is lax. 2, solution: change the new valve; Find out leakage parts, repair and seal. Five, the water pump vibration or noise impact, noise big, failure analysis: 1 each motion pair wear; Valve lift is too high; setting foundation, foundation bolt looseness; The piston loose nut or the piston rod nut; Piston stroke is too large or vaporizing time. 2, the solution: adjust the related motion pair or replace parts; Adjust the lift height, avoid valve lag; Tighten the anchor bolts. When it is necessary to welding the base or increase under the base beam structure; Tighten the nut or piston rod nut; Mediation reciprocating piston stroke and frequency. Six, flow less than 1, failure analysis: the suction pipe is too long, too many detours; The diaphragm intracavitary residual air; Rehydration valve or the place such as the diaphragm chamber leak leakage; Safety, compensation valve action is not normal, Packing place of plunger leakage is serious. 2, the solution: bold suction pipe, reducing detour; To fill liquid, eliminate gas; Find out the leakage parts and maintenance seal; To adjust the relief and compensation valve; Adjust the packing gland or replace new stuffing box.
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