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by:J&T     2020-05-26

in the vacuum system under the condition of metal materials under vacuum condition, its melting and digestion and absorption of gas, can be sustained release. The screw vacuum pump manufacturers experience involves in the relevant content in detail. The metal material exhaust from key from where?

metal materials in the vacuum system of exhaust key comes from two aspects: one is the metal material surface adsorption gas, another is the metal material surface chemical changes caused by the gas.

metal materials exhaust from tip

metal materials surface adsorption gas contains two gas adsorption and adsorption of organic chemistry, physics. Adsorption of gas in a certain standard can ( In the web search adsorption related content) How much is the amount of gas, the surface and surface conditions, such as surface roughness, the characteristics of air oxidation layer and its thickness, type and total waste. The less smooth surface or producing porous air oxidation layer of loose, the amount of gas adsorption will be significantly increased. General metal materials surface is converted into its thickness is 10 ~ 1000 nm porous structure of air oxidation film. With a total area of a cm squared, its thickness is 100 nm air oxidation film can adsorption amount of water vapor is equal to one hundred oxygen layer ( 25 ℃, the surface of a molecular structure layer is equal to a cm squared with 10 ^ 14 or 10 ^ - 3, pa L gas), 。

metal materials surface chemical changes caused by the gas. When the metal material heated to above 600 ℃, melting in metal material body of various particles ( Such as metal smelting process of dissolved gas, crucible tableland materials and preservative, etc. ) Molecules will spread out to the surface at different speed. They will be in surface compound substructure, or air oxidation film and surface effect, into a CO, CO2, H2O, H2 and N2 and CnHm and stripping at vacuum vessel in the interior space. Chemical changes into the type of gas and the total number of associated with the product type and density. As CO and CO2 is made by metal material body spread out to the surface of the surface of the oxygen tableland and child with metal oxide or in the liquid phase into CO2 and water. Gas is a common iron, nickel, such as the carbon content is closely related between the two. Such as surface air oxidation layer and liquid oxygen is more than the body composition of carbon and hydrogen, metal material, the surface reflection caused by the exhaust process has been to carbon, hydrogen consumption of light.

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