Mechanical seal type and installation technology is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-28
Mechanical seal is commonly used in centrifugal water pump seal, mechanical seal type has a lot of, also have different installation technology, for different kinds of mechanical seal, install? What are the requirements, the following to make a detailed introduction: a, sealing materials should meet the requirements of sealing function. Because of the different medium to be sealed, as well as the equipment of different working conditions, request of sealing material have different adaptability. General to the requirement of sealing material is: 1, material density is good, not easy to leak medium. With the proper mechanical strength and hardness. 2, good compressibility and resilience, permanent deformation is small, high temperature softening, don't break, low temperature hardening, not brittle. 3, good corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, its size and the hardness change little, and not adhesive on the metal surface. 4, has combined with sealing surface softness, small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, good ageing resistance, durable. 5, easy processing and manufacturing, the price is cheap, made easy. Second, the mechanical seal installation, use technical main point 1, equipment shaft radial runout should & le; 0. 4 mm, axial momentum not allow greater than zero. 1 mm; 2 sealing parts during the installation, equipment should be kept clean, sealed parts should be clean, the seals are intact, prevent the impurity and dust into the sealing parts; 3, during the installation process strictly forbid a touch attack, knock, lest make the damaged mechanical seal friction pair and the seal failure; Installed in the sealing contact surface should be coated with a layer of clean machine oil, so as to smooth installation; 4, installing a static ring gland, tighten bolts must force uniform, ensure static ring end face and the axis of vertical requirements; After installation drive ring with the hand, can make the ring on the shaft flexible mobile, and have certain elasticity; 5, with the hand after installation plate moving axis, axis should be no weight feeling; 6, the equipment must be full of medium before operation, to prevent dry friction and make the seal failure.
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