Meat preservation with vacuum cooling can you _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

the importance of vacuum cooling for meat preservation is self-evident, we came to know about the below.

especially in summer, fresh meat products is a very bitter pill butcher problem, this paper focuses on vacuum cooling for meat food preservation of specific methods, vacuum cooling is a rapid evaporation cooling method, it has been widely applied in the removal of flowers and fruit and vegetable internal thermal field, the main application of the vacuum pump is a rotary vane vacuum pumps, vacuum high will keep the shelf life of meat for longer!

in order to reduce the temperature of the products and prolong life. In recent years, food safety problems, especially meat products safety problem has been more and more countries around the world people's attention. In order to reduce the bacteria in the meat products breeding and reduce pollution, must make meat can rapid cooling. The traditional cooling methods such as air-cooled, water-cooled cooling time is longer, 6 ~ 10 hours, already could not satisfy the rapid cooling of the product. Therefore, the application of vacuum cooling is extended in the food industry, and in the cooked meat and meat products has played a great role in rapid cooling.

in order to make the cooked meat can rapid cooling, many foreign scholars from different angles on the experimental research of vacuum cooling of cooked meat. At present, the experimental research of vacuum cooling in cooked meat from the vacuum cooling rate, mass loss influencing factors are studied, loss of vacuum cooling rate and mass badge main factors are: the product of the density, porosity, shrinkage and moisture content. And some process conditions, such as salt water injection volume, flip, sample pieces and packing and so on will also impact on vacuum cooling rate and mass loss.

today we know that rotary vane vacuum water pump used in the application of vacuum cooling, later we will share more applications, stay tuned.

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