Maintenance - vacuum pump unit

by:J&T     2020-05-30
The quality of the vacuum pump maintenance

vacuum water pump unit depends on the quality of its mechanical structure and oil. Using a vacuum pump, must be well protected. If volatile organic solvent by distillation and organic solvent will be absorbed by oil and vapor pressure will increase, thereby reducing emptying efficiency. If is acidic gas, corrosion of oil pump. If it is water vapor, the oil will become emulsion, vacuum pump will be damaged.

so, using a vacuum pump unit must pay attention to the following:

distillation system and vacuum pump must be installed between the absorption device.

before distillation system of organic solvent vapors must out completely by the water pump.

if you can smoke air, use water pump as much as possible. If contain volatile substances in distillates, use water pump pressure, and then use the oil pump.

the relief system must be kept tightly and airtight. All rubber plug should have the appropriate size and channel. Vacuum rubber and rubber hose should be. Frosted glass coated with vacuum grease.

vacuum pump and centrifugal pump is

the difference between the centrifugal inertia performance. When the umbrella rotation, water droplets move outward from the umbrella edge, and thrown, this is called a centrifuge. Centrifugal pump is designed according to this principle. High-speed rotating impeller blades to drive medium throw, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying.

vacuum pump is refers to the use of machinery, physics, chemistry or physical chemistry method to suction pump container for vacuum device or equipment. Generally speaking, the vacuum pump is a kind of use various methods to improve the vacuum device, produce and maintain the close room. The function of the vacuum pump is to create a vacuum, its structure form is varied, including centrifugal, diaphragm, piston, liquid ring type, rotary, and injection.

the difference between the vacuum pump and the air compressor air compressor air compressor for short. This is a generated compressed air ( Positive pressure) The machine

vacuum pump is just the opposite. This is a vacuum, Negative pressure) The machine

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