Maintenance of vacuum pump how to avoid common mistakes -

by:J&T     2020-07-01

there are a lot of attention in the maintenance of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump maintenance personnel of the non-professional common-sense error easily. Next, I mainly describes the common errors in vacuum pump maintenance. What is a common mistake? We should how to avoid the mistake. Hope that through the following content, you can deepen the understanding of the content of the vacuum pump maintenance.

vacuum pump maintenance common mistakes when

1, the welding pipe flushing tube

most of the flushing tube vacuum pump will use sealing medium itself through the pump inlet flushing pipe, to introduce the sealed cavity to flush the seals. Because rinse at the ends of the pipe joint sealers and threaded connection easy to leak, so the cleaning fluid sometimes erosion bellows seal. After repair of vacuum pump, flushing, and at the ends of the welding method of welding joint. If no flushing, flushing fluid friction pair will interrupt and increased temperature, it will shorten the service life of mechanical seal.

2, remove the bellows seal water jacket

type bellows mechanical seal usually has a water jacket. Cooling water directly from the seal set into the water jacket of the external, and then after the friction from seal set out. Not only can cooling water cooling friction pair, and can prevent liquid leakage in the seal cavity. To reduce the trouble caused by channel unobstructed cooling water, vacuum pump maintenance personnel often for trouble-free operation and guide water jacket, which will result in cooling water without seal gasket outflow deflection

3, timing, adjusting the pump bearing bracket bolts

if vacuum water pump repair, please send the rotor, bearing bracket, and other components in the pump housing. casing and pump cover gasket between the adjustable impeller of axial location. Will cover fixed together, and then use bolt to fix the bearing bracket on the pump cover. Finally, the coupling has been installation and alignment. Correction should first adjust the motor, the first adjust the axial clearance, and then adjust the radial clearance. Some maintenance personnel will adjust the pump cover and bearing bracket fastening bolt tightness, because they can't meet the requirements in regulating motor. Because the bolts in a different way, this will lead to motor noise and vibration. This will also lead to scrap the whole pump.

4 small, large compression ratio compression good

when installing a mechanical seals, many vacuum pump maintenance personnel usually subjectively think big amount of compression is better than a small amount of compression seal. However, mechanical seals too large amount of compression leads to face is larger than the pressure, this leads to raise the temperature of friction pair, reduce of liquid membrane and seal the end surface of the mercury. The seal failure. But the amount of compression mechanical seal cannot be too small. If the amount of compression is too small, easy to cause seal leakage.

5, immediately repair is better than not repair

mechanical seal leakage in use process once, many vacuum water pump maintenance personnel think should be timely repair. In fact, in some cases, instant repair effect may not be the best. In sealing machine operation process, although there are some exceptions, but in fact is not damaged. May be the change of the related parameters, such as medium and cooling effect is poor. After a period of operation, the parameters related to media is normal.

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