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Maintenance Methods of Submersible Sewage Pump

Maintenance Methods of Submersible Sewage Pump


The submersible sewage pump is a pump product that adopts the form of a motor connected and works under the liquid at the same time. It can tear and cut long fibers, bags, belts, grass, cloth strips and other substances in the sewage, and then discharge them smoothly. It is especially suitable for Transport liquids containing hard solids, fibrous materials and particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquids. Therefore, it is necessary to do maintenance work on the submersible sewage pump in order to reduce the wear of the sewage pump. Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of it:


1. Check the vulnerable parts: the impeller, retaining ring, shaft sleeve, bearing seat of the submersible sewage pump are vulnerable parts. First of all, the water pump part should be disassembled to check whether the wearing parts are in good condition. The use of damaged and unqualified parts is strictly prohibited.


2. Replace lubricating oil: Open the oil hole screws in the sealed chamber and the motor respectively, release all the lubricating oil in the sealed chamber and the motor, and replace with new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system.


3. Disassemble the submersible sewage pump casing to prevent rust: Before use, disassemble the uppermost pump casing, turn the impeller, and then switch on and start to prevent the parts from rusting and not starting normally and burning the motor. This maintenance is particularly important for water-filled motors.


4. Ensure bearing lubrication: For water-filled submersible sewage pumps, check and replace the skeleton oil seals and lithium-based grease in the upper and lower end cover bearing chambers. To ensure that the bearing works in a well-lubricated state for a long time.


5. Ensuring sealing: Agricultural submersible sewage pumps have very strict requirements on sealing. When replacing the lubricating oil in the sealed chamber, if the oil is turbid and the water content is high, the entire sealing box or sealing ring must be replaced or replaced to ensure its good sealing performance.


6. Inspect the bearings: check the upper and lower bearings of the motor part. If wear or excessive clearance is found, new bearings must be replaced in time, and it is strictly forbidden to use them "with disease".


7. Dry motor: Use a 500 megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the winding and the shell of the submersible sewage pump. If the resistance is lower than 0.5 megohm, the motor should be driven out of moisture.


The above are the main maintenance measures of the submersible sewage pump. The user should carefully do the above seven points before and after the use of it. It will surely protect the performance of the submersible sewage pump and make it better and faster for everyone.

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