Maintenance corrosion resistance when water ring vacuum pump packing how to replace the -

by:J&T     2020-05-23

corrosion of water ring vacuum water pump seals generally divided into mechanical seals and packing seal. Because of the packing seal water ring vacuum pump compared with the mechanical seal water ring vacuum pump is easy to repair and replacement, the purchase cost and application environment situation, the user to select packing seal water ring vacuum pump is more common.

the corrosion resistance of water ring vacuum pump packing seal form 1 - use Two years later, According to the environment and usage are used to determine specific aging) , due to the corrosion of water ring vacuum water pump packing part wear during continuous operation, besides lock packing gland during maintenance, also need to supplement or replace the packing.

so, obviously, properly loaded equipment packing is very important. Many of the seal failure is caused by incorrect equipment.

the following is a correct effective corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump installation method:

( 1) Clear the stuffing box cavity, check the shaft surface scratch and burr. Phenomenon, ensure the packing should be clean, shaft surface should be smooth.

2 axis were examined with a dial indicator in the radial runout sealing parts, the tolerance should be within the scope of the permit.

( 3) Packing chamber and shaft surface smooth sealant should be applied.

( 4) When packing rolls, should first take a stick. For the same packing as the shaft diameter, packing shall be wrapped around the shaft, then use knife cut off. A 45 degrees of bevel to incision is the best. Cut off after each paragraph shall not straighten and loose packing. Instead, you should use the same as the width of packing tape packaging every part of the packaging into round, and in a clean place for later use.

5] fill, should fill in a circle, instead of at the same time to fill several circles. Method is to take a circle packing, tear tape, coated with stiffening agent, and then use both hands holding one end of the joint filler, along the axial opened its, make its spiraling, then from the set of joint into the axial diameter, be careful not to along the radial direction will be opened, so as to avoid uneven joint.

( 6] Take one and the same wooden axle tube packing chamber size, install it on the shaft, put into the depths of the cavity, packing and gland daub some pressure on wooden shaft sleeve, tighten packing is made to reach the top. Top shrinkage rate is about 5% ~ 10%, the maximum reduction of 20%. Remove shaft to turn a circle, wooden shaft sleeve.

( 7) Fill in the same way the second round and third round, but should pay attention to fill the second round, the joint positions should be staggered 180 degrees, fill the third round, joint should be staggered 120 degrees, fill in the fourth round, joint should be staggered 90 degrees, in order to prevent through joint leakage.

( 8) Last lap packing after completion of filling, capping applied to pressure, but pressure force shoulds not be too big. At the same time, turn the shaft by hand, disperses pressure after the assembly to the parabola, and then slightly loosen the gland, filling is complete.

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