Magnetic pump ( Thermal coal oil pump) Matters needing attention in the selection of _

by:J&T     2020-05-24

(magnetic pump Thermal coal oil water pump) Acceptance of self heating radiator layout, changed the traditional water cooling layout, make a simple layout, small volume, saves the operation capability, good performance, the use of reliable, is China's digest absorb WaiYang pump developed on the base of the second generation product, of the pump inlet is axial suction, exports to the middle vertical, with motor mounted on the base.

heat conduction oil pump selection basis, should be the credential process, water supply and drainage requirements, from five aspects to consider, both liquid transport quantity, unit head, temper, pipeline deployment and manipulation of the operating conditions, etc.

a, high temperature magnetic pump lift,

the required lift device system is another important performance data of the pump, it usually takes zoom - 5% Head to selection after 10% allowance.

second, the high temperature liquid characteristics of magnetic pump,

liquid properties, mainly refers to the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties with temperature c d density, viscosity, u, medium content of solid particles diameter harmonious body, etc. , which involves the system of the head, with gas corrosion allowance calculations and comply with the example of water pump: chemical characteristics, important refers to the chemistry corrupt and toxicity of liquid medium, is to choose material of high temperature heat conduction oil water pump and choose the kind of shaft seal type of important basis.

3, the flow rate of the high temperature magnetic pump

flow is one of the important performance data of heat conduction oil pump, it directly affects the entire plant production ability and the transport ability. If a court process the scheme can calculate normal, minimum, maximum three flow pump. Choosing a pump, based on maximum flow, double normal traffic, when there is no maximum flow, 1 is usually desirable to normal flow. 1 times as the maximum flow.

4, operation condition of high temperature magnetic pump,

control the content of many conditions, such as liquid control T p, suction side pressure saturated steam force PS ( Absolute) , crowd out side pressure container PZ, altitude, temperature control is gap remains the same in a row, the location of the high temperature heat conduction oil pump is the firm continues to move.

5, high temperature magnetic pump device system,

device system pipeline deployment condition refers to send liquid height conveying fluid interval liquid, such as absorption side the lowest level, crowd out side the highest level and some other data length, material, pipe fittings and pipe specifications and number of specifications, etc, in order to hold the comb head calculation and checking of NPSH.

6: the temperature of the high-temperature magnetic pump,

the temperature of the magnetic pump, such as 220 degrees or 300 degrees of water oil, etc. Germany SPECK brand high temperature can reach 350 degrees high temperature resistant magnetic pump oil, 220 degrees high temperature water, this is also one of the important parameters of selection.

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