Low head can be selected under the condition of high lift water pump?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
As everybody knows, users in the selection of anticorrosive pump, first to understand basic parameters, flow, head, etc. , before the choose and buy water pump, high lift water water pump can be used in low head. Many users before buying pumps, think working condition of low head to choose a higher lift pump use lift is more extensive. In such a misleading error understanding, to buy pumps, selected the pump head is very high. In fact, for the centrifugal pump, the pump type, its power consumption is proportional to the actual the size of the pump and flow. The pump use head low flow will increase; Thus high current, flow rate of smaller, lower power consumption. On the contrary, the lower head, more traffic, more power consumption. Therefore, in order to prevent motor overload, generally require the use of lift pump pumping lift actual calibration shall be not less than 60%. Therefore, when the high-lift pump used for low head, easy overload electrical heating, serious condition motor is burn out. If emergency use, it must be installed in the outlet pipe of the water valve to adjust can usually be adopted for type regulator ( Or wood blocks, and other methods) To reduce the water flow to prevent motor overload. Pay attention to the temperature of the motor, if the motor overheating, small outlet flow or turn it off in time to avoid burning motor. Some users reduce supply voltage to force flow, this will increase the motor load. In fact, on the contrary, the centrifugal pump irrigation and drainage pumping station unit outlet pipe is equipped with a valve, the purpose of the pump to reduce the motor load before downtime should close the valve, the pump starts, gradually open the valve to its startup not super current. Should be installed so that: the lower the lift pump is installed in front of the high lift water pump of low head pump water to the high lift pump entrance, there is a problem is low head pump outlet pressure cannot exceed limit of high-lift water pump inlet pressure, otherwise prone to excess pressure leakage phenomenon.
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