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by:J&T     2020-03-31
Long shaft submerged water pump belongs to a single-stage single-suction vertical submerged pump. On the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology independent design and development of a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection products. The chemical pump is especially suitable for: sewage treatment plants, cement plants, power plants, petrochemical and other industries. Characteristics: long shaft submerged pump connecting shaft model: long axis is divided into two or more parts. Is the internal thread at the end of the shaft end. Two axes by the stud connection. Outside the shaft sleeve and the shaft key fixed. Therefore, long axis by shaft transmission torque, and stud axial force. To improve the pump shaft alignment, reduced the long axis of the processing difficulty; Support: SLY series adopts multi-point support method, liquid level above the angular contact ball bearings, supported liquid under each shaft bushing support, and is equipped with liner. Sliding bearing body is fixed on the sliding bearing, connected to the supporting tube; When the pump starts, the impeller has been immersed in medium, so start easy, no exhaust pump problem; Double volute pump body ( Diameter 80 mm) By the radial force is small, the rotor component, shaft deflection is small, bushing wear small, long service life; Start from the motor end, pump clockwise. Maintenance methods: introduction of clean liquid washing casing can ensure the safe operation of pump. Long shaft submerged pump have two different media to choose from. Since the blunt: when pumping medium is clean medium flushing in this way. From the pump discharge flange pipe, make flushing fluid flow into each bushing, lubrication sleeve, and take away the heat generated by the friction pair to cool. External flushing: when pumping is medium containing small particles of the medium, to wash this way. From the external connection pipe, the introduction of clean wash rinse each bushing, lubrication bushing, take away the heat generated by the friction pair, and then cooling. At the same time, to prevent solid particles into the friction pair. Pit one: summary of pump under a: ferrous sulfate pump
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