Liquid ring vacuum pump apply to bad environment

by:J&T     2020-06-05

liquid ring vacuum pump, industrial production and coarse vacuum right category damp and corrosion resistance.

in the new development in the design of five key technical features:

1) Heat exchanger by the centrifugal impeller, the end plate, accumulator and stainless steel plate, so the goods can be exposed to the corrosive and extreme process gas natural environment;

2) The risk of introducing safe passage to reduce the leakage;

3) Motor flange level layout reduces the maintenance time of precious;

4) Machine seal to avoid leakage and increase of the application of maintenance interval;

5) Equipment field is compact and strong enclosures, able to maintain electronics components and increase the life of the pump.

in addition, liquid ring vacuum pump is configured with two rate control of the speed controller. In one of the speed controller adjust the rate of the vacuum pump to the vacuum level, another speed controller according to the standard adjustment according to the centrifugal water water pump water yield, operation risk to prevent cavitation. 2 speed controller based on optimization algorithm can have with a step, continue to maintain the best features. Liquid ring vacuum pump can avoid a fully automatic continuous, so users don't have to worry about the rest cases, vacuum pump can produce common faults.

the integrated gas liquid ring vacuum pump logic control panel to monitor the key features and main parameters of the pump, and also show the preset control options. In that way, users can according to processing technology accurately adjust the vacuum pump, to save energy. According to the link and manipulate several liquid ring vacuum pump; Allow the video monitoring system and remote operation, is advantageous to the pump to obtain the best maintenance and most of all normal operation time. In addition, users only need add baffle filling when necessary, can reduce the cost of water.

liquid ring vacuum pump series products of liquid ring vacuum pump transportation rate of 750 ~ 105 b2503 / hr, it includes the use of common industry, such as the central government, the pharmaceutical industry, plastic vacuum, transport and food. Super-heavy series product design scheme to make all manufacturing related components are made of stainless steel plate. All liquid ring vacuum water pump standard sprinkler, very suitable high steam load is applied, can promote the ascension of the gas volume. Besides two cleaning machine with manual and automatic way, even in the dirtiest use off time can be reduced to a minimum.

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