Lead the data simplified formula and method of essentials

by:J&T     2020-07-01
1, the wire diameter simplified commonly used cross-sectional areas of copper aluminum conductor insulation wire cross-sectional area determination, fixed number of shares and the wire diameter first. Copper and aluminum wire single strand core, a multipoint square, less than a half of one point five, two point five, less than two or two more, four square, less than three six square. Seven more strands of stranded wire strand, then look at single strand diameter size, less than a half of ten square, more than one and a half thick 16, more than two thick twenty-five, two and a half thick thirty-five. Multi-strand wire 19 stocks, must look how thick, single strand diameter is 35 and a half, less than two are fifty, two points is seventy, two and a half thick, ninety-five. Multi-strand wire 37, single strand wire diameter estimate first, two thick one hundred and twenty, one hundred and fifty more than two. 2, motor power supply insulation wire cross-sectional area for motor speed estimate how much wires cross section coefficient and capacity. Plus three of two point five, line and plane, section four is four. Six to both men and five, 102 with hundreds of kilowatts. 3, enameled wire motor winding alternating single and double line generation simplified enameled wire windings, simplified alternating single and double line. Single line instead of double round, thin diameter x 10 divided by seven. Generation of single bifilar winding, thick diameter times seven divided by ten. 4, insulated conductors carrying traffic speed estimate insulation aluminium wire full load flow, wire section multiples. Up to two point five by nine, reducing YiShun number. 35 by three point five, both groups decrease point five. Conditions change calculate discount, ninety percent high temperature copper to upgrade. Wear tube number 234, 234 fold full flow. 5, buried carrying capacity estimation of PVC insulated power cable directly buried cables carrying capacity, main core section multiples. Aluminum core is four times seven square, reduce YiShun number go up. By three point five, 25 35 by three integers. 57 twelve point five, both groups minus point five. Copper core cable current carrying capacity, aluminum core current-carrying one point three. 6, round all the data of copper enameled wire enameled wire speed estimation round copper wire enameled wire, nominal diameter specifications. For copper wire km weight, diameter of square times seven again. Round copper wire cross-sectional area, diameter square a eighty percent discount. Long for copper wire kilograms, diameter square in addition to the 143. Km round copper wire resistance, diameter square except. . Hundred square millimeter circle number, diameter square except in one hundred. 7, aluminum, copper rectangle busbar carrying capacity speed estimation LvPai carrying capacity estimation, according to the coefficient of thickness to width. Four row of thick thick three rows wide multiplied by ten, wide by 12. Above, thickness increase the coefficient of appreciation for one. Bus 234, 876 respectively. High temperature, ninety percent copper platoon again by one point three. LvPai carrying capacity estimation, according to the coefficient of thick section by: thick four cross-sectional area by three, five or six thick by two point five; BaEr times thicker cross-sectional area, thick ten more than one point eight. 8 carrying quantity speed estimation flat steel, flat steel, busbar busbar carrying capacity, thickness of three section current-carrying namely. The thickness of the 456 and eight, section 8765 fold. Flat dc load flow, cross section multiplied by one point five. 9, apparatus with a voltage transformer secondary circuit conductor cross section checking apparatus with a voltage transformer, three-phase star connection table d meet, meet regulations pressure drop values, calculating the second section: edge phase current line length product, take the coefficient will know. A second point erqi, others take one by one. 10, ac contactor coil number of turns of the fast ac contactor coil, burn rewind calculate number of turns: core section in addition to the voltage, quotient by four again by eight. 11, motor power supply insulation wire wear tube steel pipe sizes, choose speed estimation of motor power supply line wear section is set to choose pipe diameter. Two point five line 15, line wear 20, 462. Line 10 unique twenty-five, 1062532. Single and double rotating along the line, sequential row wear pipe specification 12, insulated wire resistance speed estimation square millimeter of aluminium conductor, hundreds of meters length 3 ohm. With coarse with long copper wire, aluminum wire resistance six conversion. 13, oil circuit breaker closing operation cable wire cross-sectional area fast electromagnetic operating oil switch, switch cable choose section: coil resistance in addition to the distance, by four by nine divided by the hundred. 14, 10 ( 6) KV power cable capacitance current instantaneous estimate cable capacitance current value, the length of the km by coefficient. Ten QianFuJi coefficient, six QianFuJi zero point six. 15, round aluminum enameled wire fast round aluminum wire enameled wire, the data is nominal diameter specifications. For aluminium wire km weight, diameter square by a 2 o 'clock. Round aluminum wire cross-sectional area, diameter square a eighty percent discount. Long, aluminium wire kg diameter square except in four hundred and seventy. Square kilometers round aluminum wire resistance and diameter in addition to 36. Hundred square millimeter circle number, diameter square except in one hundred. 16, commonly used alternative line electromagnetic wire diameter simplified specification of electromagnetic wire, is substituted for wire diameter. With a few generation, thick diameter divided by the square root of a few. One line instead of a few lines, fine diameter multiplied by the square root of a few. 17 number, root speed determine BXH yarn cross section type rubber yarn cross-section decision method, count the number of copper wire. Go to ten six zero point five, 24 root, 32, a square root YiShiJiu root of one point five.
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