Lai treasure selection and replacement - vacuum pump oil

by:J&T     2020-05-20
Lai treasure vacuum water pump oil how to selection and replacement

vacuum pump is to use various methods to improve in a closed space, generate and maintain a vacuum device. According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be basically divided into two types, namely the gas trap and gas transmission pump. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic plating, etc. Proper use of vacuum pump oil to the normal operation of vacuum pump is very important, so how lai treasure vacuum pump oil selection and replacement.

how lai treasure vacuum pump oil selection is relatively simple, can undertake choosing according to the corresponding vacuum pump models. Can also choose to market the general vacuum pump oil. So that each have advantages and disadvantages, of course, we not introduce one by one here. Knowledge introduction of vacuum pump oil replacement.

a, the window of the filling must be clean, it is strictly prohibited in the sunlight in the open air, and to be stored in a dark, dry and ventilated places protected from water and dust.

b, gas appliances must have is special equipment, should not be containers of oil or other solvents.

c, oil, or oil, barrel around the light rain must be clean, prevent sundry mixed with oil, the wear of the pump.

d, should be used in the pump body when oil change oil free of, will slowly turn the pump shaft, after new oil into cleaning the pump cavity to the best of residual oil, several times repeated cleaning, such as in new oil after wash.

e or other synthetic oil, mineral oil and ester oil swaps, vacuum pump shall be open for a thorough cleaning. Including all the parts are to be impregnated in ester oil to prevent pollution.

f, vacuum water pump overhaul must be used when the solvent or detergent will pump parts clean, dry and parts.

how lai treasure vacuum pump oil selection and replacement has done, and if you need to purchase a vacuum water pump oil, please contact us.

how reading lai treasure vacuum pump oil selection and replacement also read the vacuum pump manufacturers: introduction to the roots vacuum pump cavitation solution.

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