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by:J&T     2020-05-20

no matter wasn't treasure screw vacuum pump all normal operation, the operation staff must carry out maintenance on it. For example: in the maintenance maintenance of lai Po screw vacuum pump vacuum pump must be set when the gas pressure valve should be opened every week, the pump should be run under full load standard about 2 hours, to check the pump shell is oil leakage, if there is noise work in the room. So lai treasure screw vacuum pump maintenance must also pay attention to what? Below to let us together to master:

lai treasure should pay attention to when screw vacuum pump maintenance inspection work and RunHua condition of rolling bearings. The rolling bearing and the outside of the temperature should be higher than the natural environment temperature 15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. Shall not exceed the maximum temperature of 30 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, namely arrange ushering bearing the outside of the concrete temperature shall not exceed 55 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; For rolling bearings in normal work, every year to add 3 - 4 times of oil, cleaning at least once every year, rolling bearing and changing all the grease. If lai treasure screw vacuum pump maintenance during the whole process when found abnormal noise, can tear open come down to cover on both sides of the pin, inspection on both sides of the centrifugal impeller surface is damaged, automatic exhaust valve plate are all normal.

lai treasure screw vacuum pump in the whole process of maintenance, must check the oil is low and the thin oil line. If you have low thin oil logo, should immediately give oil, or you will harm vacuum pump vacuum value. Remaining oil can not be too much, or it will lead to difficult start-up and oil pump problem. In lai treasure screw vacuum pump repair process, must also check the oil, if it is not conform to the rules, adjust the volume of oil to conform to the rules. Operation of the vacuum pump, oil amount to on the basis of oil gauge management center. In lai treasure screw vacuum pump repair process, also be sure to check the oil quality. If find oil mildew, changing a new oil, immediately to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum water pump.

in lai treasure screw vacuum pump repair process, also be sure to check the sealing gasket embrittlement, check the automatic exhaust valve is opened, and remove accumulated on the water pump casing and automatic exhaust valve seat of stain. Clean up all the parts in vacuum pump room, such as motor rotor, motor rotor, yellow and so on. In general, clean and dry it car with petrol. Clean up after vulcanization rubber components, wipe with wet cloth. Cleaning and assembling, light, light put, prevent collision. Lai treasure screw vacuum water pump repair after disassembling, must be put into operation again after assembling funds, general situation, should be in the absence of gas under the conditions of running 2 hours, and should be 2 times of automobile engine oil conversion. Because the vacuum pump in the cleaning process will set aside a certain amount of volatile chemicals, all normal operation should be money in all normal operation.

described by means of interpretation maintenance lai treasure screw vacuum pump to pay special attention to the issues, looking forward to see the can have certain help to you, if you want to master a lot of basic information about the lai treasure screw vacuum pump maintenance, extended a warm welcome to the online consultation customer service!

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