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by:J&T     2020-05-28

vacuum pump use some method to fit the container for the vacuum device is a kind of improvement, produce and maintain a vacuum device in confined Spaces. Vacuum pump oil has good oxidation stability, not easy metamorphism, can reduce the formation of oil, and to replace need for long time using.

vacuum water pump oil has excellent corrosion resistance, can make the vacuum pump is not easy to rust. Due to the special nature of the oil, to form a membrane on the surface of the vacuum pump, in order to fully protect the vacuum water pump, and due to the particularity of the oil, can easily use vacuum pump oil. Separation of water in order to achieve the purpose of the vacuum.

the use of vacuum pump oil can greatly improve the service life of the pump and save the cost, this is the cause of the vacuum pump has a special vacuum pump oil. In the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil is not only used as a medium for vacuum, but also lubrication, cooling and sealing machinery sore spot.

vacuum pump oil performance is introduced, the

low vapor pressure,

, proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristic

good thermal oxidation stability,

, good corrosion resistance and demulsibility

a higher flash point,

, extreme pressure low

in order to save costs, some manufacturers use hydraulic oil and engine oil instead of vacuum pump oil. Seems to save the cost. In essence, due to the vacuum pump oil with a viscosity, saturated vapor pressure and the requirements of oxidation resistance, thus increased the cost of production.

with other alternative appears to cause a decline in the performance of the vacuum pump oil. Different oil viscosity and antioxidant properties may damage the vacuum pump, thus increasing vacuum pump maintenance cost and shorten the service life of vacuum pump. Therefore, can not use other lubricant to replace, can only use the same performance similar to replace vacuum pump oil.

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