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by:J&T     2020-05-29

is the core component of vacuum pump vacuum pump motor. In order to better use vacuum pump, we need to have some knowledge of its working principle. Let's take a brief look at it the basic introduction.

the factory power supply and vacuum pump motor description

of three-phase ac power supply voltage is 380 v commonly in our country. In order to prevent in the process of transmission and distribution line loss, the voltage transformer to the factory, as a general rule, be 400 v, this is normal.

in general, the factory power supply circuit of three phase four wire system, can be compatible with three-phase power supply production and single-phase power lighting.

, for example, three-phase motor can be connected to the three phase line, single phase load such as lighting and household electrical appliances can take over the phase line and zero line for single-phase power supply. For electric welding machine and other special equipment, can also be from, two phase thread to two-phase power supply

in our country, the frequency of the three-phase ac 50 hz, this means that the voltage according to the sine law of change of 50 times per second. The turning of the three-phase asynchronous motor is directly related to phase sequence. To direction of the vacuum pump is certain, cannot be reversed, so the phase sequence must be accurate. The transfer damage the vacuum water pump.

rotary vane vacuum pump is equipped with ac motor, main is a single-phase asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor. The following 4 kw motor generally adopts the star connection ( 220/380 v) , more than 4 kw motor generally USES triangle connection ( 380/660 v) 。 However, this is not necessarily absolute, must be conducted according to the logo on the motor nameplate.

when the motor running, because of the coil and iron core of copper loss and iron loss and the heat generated by the mechanical friction, the motor will inevitably generate heat. When unable to dissipate heat, and the temperature of the coil over the coil insulation to withstand the highest temperature, the insulation aging, become fragile, and ultimately insulation will be destroyed, until the coil is burnt.

我。 Vacuum pump and motor how to match? This calculation: shaft power = 1. 732 * 380 * 9 * 0. 81 * 0. 001 = 4. 798 kw type: 380 v voltage, current zero. 81 power because of the number axis power consumption notice according to the above calculation, then the actual match motor should have how old? Computing: 4. 798/0. 85 ( Motor efficiency) = 5. 644 kilowatts, but actually lh-zd standard motor is 5. 64 kw, 5. 5 kw and 5. 5 kw, so I chose. It should be pointed out that, the efficiency of the motor is according to 0. 85 the efficiency of the calculated directly, buying the efficiency of the motor should be guaranteed. Finally, we need to pay attention to the speed. Finally, there is a key point, your motor may be appropriate, but because you will use more than the rated pressure of vacuum, the current will rise, in order to solve the problem, the suction by opening a port for air suction - Perhaps in order to reduce the load of water pump, motor current will stabilize. The normal work of the standard 4 kw motor current is about 6. 3 a

2, measures to prevent motor burn out

1, all electrical work must be conducted by a professional electrician

2, check the rated voltage and frequency of the motor. Carefully check the nameplate on the wiring. If you cannot confirm, connect it to the star, no-load start, and gradually increase the load to check current, etc.

3, vacuum environment temperature should be below 40 degrees, to maintain good ventilation.

4, operating instructions shall be in accordance with the vacuum pump, timely and correct maintenance.

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