Knowledge of chemical desulfurization pump wear and corrosion resistance

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Chemical desulfurization slurry circulating pump is the desulfurization system after the relay heat exchanger, blower fan of large equipment, usually adopts the centrifugal, it directly from the bottom cycle extraction slurry. Desulfurization process flow is big, the conditions of use for demanding pump, corrosion and abrasion often leads to the failure. The main features are: 1, strong abradability desulfurization bottom slurry containing a large amount of solid particles, mainly of fly ash, desulfuration medium grain, grain size is commonly 0 ~ 400 & mu; M, more than 90% of 20 ~ 60 & mu; M, the concentration of 5% ~ 28% ( Mass ratio) , these solid particles has a strong abradability. 2, strong corrosion resistance in a typical limestone ( Lime) - - - - - - Gypsum desulphurization process, general bottom slurry pH value of 5 ~ 6, after joining desulfurizer pH value of 6 ~ 8. 5 ( Circulating pump slurry pH value and the operating conditions of desulfurization tower and desulfurizer join points) ; Cl- Enrichment of more than 80000 mg/L, under the condition of low pH value, will produce a strong corrosive. 3, cavitation in the desulfurization system, circulating pump often contain a certain amount of gas in the transportation of slurry. In fact, the centrifugal circulation water pump for slurry liquid gas-solid multiphase flow, solid relative to the influence of water pump performance is a continuous, uniform, and the influence of air relative water pump is far more complicated than the solid phase and harder to predict.
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