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Knowledge About Swimming Pool Circulation Pump

Knowledge About Swimming Pool Circulation Pump


The swimming pool makes our life more enjoyable, and also has the function of strengthening the body. In our lives, swimming pools can be seen everywhere. I believe everyone has a lot of fun in the swimming pool. So what equipment does a seemingly ordinary swimming pool have? Following the editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of swimming pool circulation pump for everyone.


Swimming Pool Pump Working Principle


Working principle of swimming pool pump: The pool circulation pump is composed of a water pump impeller, a water pump volute, a motor and a pump shaft connecting the center of the impeller and the motor. The impeller of a swimming pool pump is generally composed of two circular cover plates. There are several curved blades between the cover plates. The channel between the blades is the over-water blade groove. There is a round hole in the center of the front cover plate of the impeller , This is the water inlet of the impeller. When it working, first open the water inlet valve of the pump to fill the pump casing with water. Then, turn on the power of the motor, and the motor drives the pump impeller to rotate at high speed (usually 1450/2900 rpm). At this time, the water is thrown out of the impeller by centrifugal force, and is pressed toward the outlet of the pool circulation pump through the volute cover in the volute casing. At the same time, the center of the pump impeller is vacuumed due to the water being thrown out. Under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the water in the pool is continuously drawn into the center of the impeller along the pool circulation pump suction line (return line) of the pump. The function of rotating the impeller at high speed is thrown out of the impeller and input into the pressure pipe connected to the outlet of the water pump, thus forming a continuous water delivery from the swimming pool pump.


Swimming pool pump Circulation for SUA200-Ⅰ


Swimming pool pump Circulation for SCP200


Swimming pool pump Circulation for 48SUP0753C-I


Swimming Pool Pump-Construction And Installation Points


1. The construction and installation of the circulating water pump should comply with "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Compressor, Fan and Pump Installation Engineering" GB50275-98.


2. The swimming pool pump foundation is constructed according to the design drawing. The anchor bolts of the stable motor should be firmly integrated with the concrete foundation. The pre-embedded holes should be cleaned before pouring, the bolts should not be skewed, and the mechanical strength should meet the requirements.


3. The pool circulation pump base should have shock-absorbing rubber pads. The pads are in tight contact with the base surface, and the housing has separation bolts, hot-dip electroplating.


4. The water pump is connected to the motor drive shaft, and the axial and radial allowable error does not exceed the specified value.


5. Pressure gauges and valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet of the pump.


6. Pipeline connection: connect the reducing pipe/telescopic pipe directly to the pump, and install the piping of the pump after the pump is leveled and stabilized. The pump equipment must not bear the weight of the pipeline. The installation sequence is that the flexible shock absorber joints and valves are tightly connected with the water pump in turn.


7. The piping flange should be consistent with the flange of the pump and valve, the direction of the valve mounting handle should be easy to operate, the elevation is consistent, and the piping is neatly arranged.


8. Electrical connection: comprehensive protection against accidental contact, the junction box should be suitable for flexible connection.


The above is the relevant knowledge about swimming pool circulating water pump introduced by J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. editor. After reading the introduction above, I believe you have a new understanding of the swimming pool equipment. The swimming pool is used a lot in our lives. Of course, the swimming pool brings us too much fun, so it is good to have more understanding of the swimming pool equipment.

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