King of the anticorrosive pump corrosion resistant material: teflon, fluorine plastics

by:J&T     2020-06-25
There are many kinds of anti-corrosion water pump corrosion resistant materials, corrosion resistance are different, however, has a slightly acidic slightly slightly alkaline corrosion resistance, have strong corrosion resistance, teflon fluorine plastic plastic king, resistant to strong acid, strong alkali corrosion solution below to see what are corrosion resistant material? Chemical production, fluorine plastic water pump anti-corrosion performance is strong, widely used, users receive consistent love; A, teflon ptfe goods called & other; Teflon & throughout; ( Teflon,Flu on) , Jane PTEE or F4, commonly known as the king of plastic, is one of the vanadium corrosion of materials in the world today, is to make liquid gas pipe, heat exchanger equipment joint ideal sealing material. Tetrafluoroethylene [ PTFE,F4] Is one of strong corrosion resistance of the material in the world today, so have to & other; King plastic & throughout; Good name. It can be in any kind of chemical media use for a long time, it have solved our country a lot of problems in the field of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, etc. Ptfe seals, gaskets, gasket. Ptfe seals, gaskets, sealing washer is made from suspension polymerization ptfe resin molding processing. Ptfe compared with other plastic has the characteristics of excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and heat resistance, it has been widely used as sealing material and filler material. It is composed of tetrafluoroethylene by polymerization of polymer compounds, it has excellent chemical stability, high corrosion resistance, sealing, lubrication is not sticky, electric insulation and good anti-aging endurance. At + 250 ℃ to - 180 ℃ under the temperature of working for a long time, in addition to the molten liquid metal sodium and fluorine, ingeneral, all other chemicals in aqua regia boiling doesn't change. At present, all kinds of teflon products in chemical, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, industrial, aerospace, environmental protection and Bridges and other fields of national economy has played a pivotal role. Second, carbon fiber, carbon fiber is a kind of carbon content more than 90% of the fibrous carbon materials, with resin composed of C/C composites is one of the corrosion resistance of the material. Carbon fiber ( Carbon fiber, CF) , it is a kind of carbon content in more than 95% of the high strength and high modulus fibers of new fiber materials. It is made of flake graphite crystallite organic fiber along the fiber axial direction, such as pile, by carbonization and graphitization treatment of microcrystalline ink materials. Carbon fiber & other; Velvet glove & throughout; , quality lighter than aluminum, but the intensity is higher than that of steel, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high modulus, in national defense and civilian aspects is important material. It not only has natural intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, and the soft machinability of textile fiber reinforced fibers. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties, carbon fiber axial strength and high modulus, low density, high performance than, no creep, not resistant to ultra high temperature oxidation environment, good fatigue resistance, heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal, small thermal expansion coefficient and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, permeability good X-ray. Good conductive heat conduction performance, good electromagnetic shielding, etc. Carbon fiber, compared with the traditional glass fiber modulus is its three times as much; It compared with kevlar fiber, the modulus is around 2 times as much, not soluble in organic solvent, acid and alkali is not expanding, the corrosion resistance. Three, platinum platinum stable chemical properties, temperature not with hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and organic acid, have & other; Corrosion resistant metal & throughout; It says, but soluble in aqua regia. Because it is easy to form stable titanium titanium oxide ( TiO2) Protective film, so the titanium cooling pipe is believed to be from corrosion and erosion. Platinum ( Platinum, Pt) , is a natural form of white precious metals. Platinum properties is very stable, not spoiled or fade, as the daily wear its luster is always the same. Even if contact with common acid in life, such as hot springs in sulfur, bleach, chlorine in swimming pool, or sweat, etc. , will not be affected, so you can at any time, is very comfortable wearing a platinum jewelry. No matter how long to wear, platinum can always maintain its natural pure white luster, and never fade. Four, copper oxide, copper oxide is the corrosion resistance of the material. Copper oxide ( CuO) It is a kind of copper oxide black, slightly bisexual, slightly hygroscopic. The relative molecular mass is 79. 545, density of 6. 3 ~ 6. 9 g/cm3, melting point 1326 ℃. Insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in acid, ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide solution, slowly dissolve in ammonia solution, can react with alkali. Copper oxide is mainly used for making rayon, ceramics, glaze, enamel, battery, oil desulfurization agent, pesticides, also for hydrogen production, catalyst, green glass, etc.
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