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JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering

JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering

JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering

Scientific Name
Bore Hole Pump 4SD10
Bore Hole Pump
Raw materials
stainless steel ,plastic PPO,Cast Iron, Brass , etc
Supply ability
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T/T, LC, Paypal
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Product Details
J&T INDUSTRY's water pump is of excellent quality, which is reflected in the details.J&T INDUSTRY insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture water pump. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
Enterprise Strength
  • Meeting customers' needs is J&T INDUSTRY's duty. The comprehensive service system is established to provide customers with personalized services and to improve their satisfaction.
Company Advantages
1. In the developing stage of JT , the researchers use the plantar pressure scanner and three-dimensional scanner to take samples of foot structures.
2. Our adherence to rigorous industry standards for quality fully guarantees that the product is of the premium quality.
3. This product is a functional package. Its design has a strong influence on consumers' willingness to purchase and maximizes the profitability of the goods.
JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering-1


· Water supply system
· Booster
· Garden and farm irrigation
· Lowering underground water level
· Various industrial applications

Product parameters

PERFORMANCE  DATA 50Hz                                                                                                                        

 Outlet:G1 1/4"~G2"
Type P2 DELIVERY      n≈2850 l/min         
1~220V-240V 3~380V-415V KW HP Q  m3/h 0 1.8 3.6 5.4 7.2 9 10.8 12.6
Q l/min 0 30 60 90 120 150 180 210
4SDM10/4 4SD10/4 0.55 0.75 H(m) 25 24 22 21 19 17 12 7
4SDM10/5 4SD10/5 0.75 1 31 30 28 26 24 21 16 8
4SDM10/6 4SD10/6 0.92 1.25 37 35 34 31 29 25 19 10
4SDM10/7 4SD10/7 1.1 1.5 43 41 39 37 34 29 22 11
4SDM10/8 4SD10/8 1.3 1.75 49 47 45 42 39 33 25 13
4SDM10/10 4SD10/10 1.5 2 62 59 56 52 48 41 31 16
4SDM10/12 4SD10/12 1.8 2.5 74 71 67 63 58 50 37 20
4SDM10/14 4SD10/14 2.2 3 86 83 79 73 68 58 44 23
4SDM10/16 4SD10/16 2.6 3.5 99 95 90 84 77 66 50 26
-- 4SD10/18 3 4 111 106 101 94 87 74 56 29
-- 4SD10/20 3.7 5 123 118 112 105 97 83 62 33
-- 4SD10/22 4 5.5 136 130 123 115 106 91 68 36
-- 4SD10/25 5 7 154 148 140 131 121 103 78 41
-- 4SD10/28 5.5 7.5 173 166 157 147 135 116 87 46
-- 4SD10/32 6.8 9 197 189 180 168 155 132 100 52
-- 4SD10/36 7.5 10 222 213 202 189 174 149 112 59
220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ, models are available on request


· Adopted the NEMA standard
· Continuous service
· Power: 0.25~2.6KW(Single phase)
· Power: 0.25~7.5KW(Three phase)
· Insulation class: B
· Protection grade: IP 68
· Minimum well diameter:Φ4"
· Highest temperature of liquid: 40


JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering-2

JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering-3

JT plastic PPO submissive pump factory for Lowering-4

Company Features
1. J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is evolving into a manufacturing pioneer in China. We are well-known for our abundant experience in the manufacturing of submissive pump .
2. Our production capacity occupies steadily in the forefront of the borehole pumps gauteng industry.
3. We have taken on major commitments to sustainability. We pay close attention to the overall waste and resource footprint during our production. We care for the environment. We use environmentally friendly technologies in our production activities to minimize the possible adverse effects on the environment. The current business goal of our company is to increase share of market. Under this goal, we are expanding more channels to market our products, hoping to win more customers. We have a simple business goal: we are agile, responsive and customer-focused, with the ability to provide fast services, exceeding all quality standards.
JT borehole pumps gauteng goes through a series of production processes. They involve CAD/CAM design, prototyping, milling, turning, fabrication, welding, spraying, and commissioning. It is made for more healthier and comfortable user experience
Production of JT borehole pumps gauteng uses advanced manufacturing equipment. It is processed by vacuum cleaning equipment, washing machine, and other special textile equipment. The product has passed the aging test
The design of JT borehole pumps gauteng is the integration of intelligence and professionalism. The latest cutting-edge technologies such as automation detection and automatic control technologies have been applied to its design. It reduces the safety risk such as electric leakage and short circuit
Each JT submissive pump is produced by our design department. They spend time exploring, testing and assessing a variety of materials and processes that fit the scope of this bedding work. It allows users to control the humidity levels during the different seasons
In the manufacturing process, the fabric of JT submissive pump is treated in order to improve the strength and ability to absorb dye. It can automatically shut off when water levels become depleted
It has a removable water tank for easy refilling and cleaning The submissive pump thus produced has features like submissive pump.
The results indicate that borehole pumps gauteng enable borehole pumps gauteng function with relatively high stability and long life. The product is user-friendly and intelligent
Thanks to the advanced technology, our borehole pumps gauteng can be controlled intelligently. Its clean and contemporary design can blend into any environment
submissive pump have adopted submissive pump concept. It absorbed some ideas of excellence from submissive pump, and have eliminated weak point. It is lightweight and fits perfectly in any places
Our submissive pumpis durable and beautiful.
Its clean and contemporary design can blend into any environment Moreover, submissive pump are considered as borehole pumps gauteng.
JT guarantees the safe delivery for our professional service. Its anti-bacterial coating ensures a cleaner and healthier mist in the rooms
By performing strict quality assurance, the quality of submissive pump is guaranteed. The product highlights maximum convenience and high performance
J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has a good team with wisdom and professional experience. The product features great resistance to heat and fire
JT is equipped with customer service team who are in charge of providing high-end service. Its compact design makes it easy to carry
J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. always pays attention to the service fro customers. Its well-designed control button makes it easy to use
As the leading borehole pumps gauteng manufacture, JT is specialized in producing high quality products. The product highlights maximum convenience and high performance
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