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JT jdlf20 kirloskar vertical pumps high efficiency for water supply system

JT jdlf20 kirloskar vertical pumps high efficiency for water supply system

JT jdlf20 kirloskar vertical pumps high efficiency for water supply system

Scientific Name
Vertical Pump JDLF64
Vertical Pump
Raw materials
stainless steel, cast iron,aluminum, etc
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Product Details
J&T INDUSTRY pays great attention to details of water pump.J&T INDUSTRY pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these guarantee water pump to be quality-reliable and price-favorable.
Enterprise Strength
  • J&T INDUSTRY can provide quality products for consumers. We also run a comprehensive after-sales service system to solve all kinds of problems in time.
Company Advantages
1. JT goes through a series of production processes: grouting, demoulding, splicing, drilling holes, glaze spraying, and firing which are all carried out by professional workers.
2. Its fabric has a high antibacterial activity. They are cable of inhibiting the growth of many bacteria and fungi that cause odors.
3. Rust resistance is one of its most important properties. It is not prone to rust or corrode in a humid environment.
4. The product is popularly used for various applications.
5. The product is of great value and now extensively used in the market.
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While JDLF is suitable for slightly corrosive liquid.

Water supply: 
Water filter and transport in Waterworks, boosting of main pipeline, boosting in high-rise buildings.

Industrial boosting :
Process flow water system, clen-ing system, high-pressure washing system, fire fighting system

Industrial liquid conveying: 
cooling and air -condi- tioning system, boiler water supply and condensing system, machine-associated purpose, acids and alkali

Water treatment: 
Ultrafiltration system, separator, Swimming pool

Farmland irrigation, irrigation, dripping irrigation

Product parameters


Power P2(kW) Q(m3/h) 40 50 60 65 70 80 90 100
JDLF64-1-1 7.5 H(m) 26 25 23 22 21 18 14 10
JDLF64-1 11 37 35 33 32 31 28 24 21
JDLF64-2-2 15 53 50 47 44 42 37 31 23
JDLF64-2 22 74 72 67 64 62 57 51 42
JDLF64-3-2 22 93 88 80 76 72 65 56 45
JDLF64-3 30 112 108 100 96 93 86 77 65
JDLF64-4-2 37 130 124 115 110 103 94 83 66
JDLF64-4 45 152 144 135 130 123 114 102 86
JDLF45-5-2 45 172 162 151 144 137 126 112 91
220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ,  models are available on request

Operation conditions

Thin, clean, non -flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers.
Liquid temperature:-20   ~+104  , Ambient temperature: up to +50
Altitude: up to 1000m

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JT jdlf20 kirloskar vertical pumps high efficiency for water supply system-3

Company Features
1. J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has global competitiveness with years of concentration on kirloskar vertical pumps .
2. At present, J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has possessed the most advanced technical level.
3. Our business is devoted to sustainability. In compliance with our waste management hierarchy minimize waste creation and regain any waste that's generated at the greatest potential price. Our sustainability work is a long-term commit?ment. We strive to achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation. We work hard to achieve our sustainability practices. We’ve put environmental criteria into our product innovation process so that every new product we launch contributes to sustainability.
Bacteria cause food to spoil. To prevent the bacteria, JT kirloskar vertical pumps is exclusively developed with dehydrating function which is able to kill the bacteria while at the same time, retain the original flavor of the food. Thanks to its solid construction, this product is unaffected by collisions
JT kirloskar vertical pumps is of scientific design. It is designed by adopting the principles of foot structure and the relationship between its and the person, the thing, the environment, and the dress. This product ensures smooth and effortless pulling and pushing
The production of JT kirloskar vertical pumps covers a wide range of stages, ranging from materials preparation, formula creation, materials mixing, calcination, moulding, glazing, etc. This product is completely salt- and acid-resistant
The performance of JT kirloskar vertical pumps has been improved by our professional R&D team who try to deliver long-life performance at extended temperature ranges. Specially galvanized, it is therefore suitable for outdoor applications
JT kirloskar vertical pumps has passed the following tests that are conducted by the third-party organization: lifecycle testing, biocompatibility testing, durability testing, and chemical resistance testing. The metal construction body ensures a long lifespan
Efficient heat transfer is one of its biggest selling points. The materials' thermal conductivity is high and has relations to their heat dissipation efficiency. Its special lowering valve enables the gentle lowering of the load
The product has good heat dissipation. is created to increase the contact surface area between solid and fluid, hence increasing the effectiveness of heat transfer. This product is completely salt- and acid-resistant
The product has good strength. During the production, it is finely welded and die-casted to ensure its physical strength. Its special lowering valve enables the gentle lowering of the load
The product has remarkable stability. Even the device is running fast which may lead to unstable heat air flow, it can still perform well in thermal dissipation. This product is completely salt- and acid-resistant
The product features excellent durability. Its metal structure is exquisitely processed by oxidation, polishing, and plating, therefore it will not rust or easily break down. This product has been certified under CE
The product is excellent in heat dissipation. Usually constructed from copper or aluminum which has a very high thermal conductivity, the product also features a high rate of heat transfer. Even with heavy cargo, it remains surprisingly quiet
Because of its good breaking strength, good dye property, and excellent hygroscopicity, it is widely used in many industries such as apparel and medical treatment. Its special coating protects it from damages caused by humidity
This product is designed with the aims of being convenient, dependable, and safe to people. It is the ideal appliance for modern people. This product is extremely resistant to corrosion
The product is the necessity of life or work. It makes possible for a household or workplace to function smoothly. This product can transport goods safely to their destination
Most people cannot imagine their lives or work without this product because it helps make people's life or work easier. This product can transport goods safely to their destination
The product contributes a lot to achieve the energy efficiency target. By consuming little energy, it can significantly cut electricity demand. This product is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, etc
This product not only gives a chance to showcase spotlight items but also encourage shoppers to buy out of impulse. The operation of this product is designed intuitively and simple
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