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JT Custom colorbond pool pump covers for sale for swimming

JT Custom colorbond pool pump covers for sale for swimming

JT Custom colorbond pool pump covers for sale for swimming

Scientific Name
Garden submersible pump JDP-200B
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  • Based on market demand, J&T INDUSTRY is dedicated to providing quality products and professional services for customers.
Product Details
With the dedication to pursue excellence, J&T INDUSTRY strives for perfection in every detail.Closely following the market trend, J&T INDUSTRY uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology to produce water pump accessories. The product receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favorable price.
Company Advantages
1. JT innovatively designed with the more aesthetic look and improved functionality.
2. The product is cost-effective. Thanks to the high efficiency of ammonia refrigerant, running the refrigeration equipment can save a lot of energy.
3. J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.'s advantages are well known by our customers.
4. We are proud to say our colorbond pool pump covers are born with excellence.
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Pump's Application

Submersible pump JDP-B is specifically engineered to handle the tough demanding tasks of removing excess water from swimming pools, swimming pool covers spas, fountains, basements or any other area with excess accumulated water.

The pump has been manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship and materials to give users many years of exceptional performance. The pump housing, constructed of durable polymer material, provides protective shield for the motor.

Product parameters

Type    Power (w ) Max.Flow   (  L/H) Max.Head (m) Max.Depth      (m) Max.Grain (mm) Outlet    Length of Cable   (m)
JDP-200B 200 5000 5.4 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-250B 250 5500 6 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-350B 350 6200 7 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-400B 400 7300 7.5 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-550B 550 11500 8.5 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-750B 750 13000 9.5 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
JDP-900B 900 15000 10 7 5 1"   1-1/2" 10
220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ, models are available on request

Pump's use condition

Liquid temperature up to 35
Max. ambient temperature: 40

Protection IP X8
Max. grain size: 5mm


Pools/Garden ponds/Basements/Pool covers/Home floods/Garages/Spas/Etc

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Pump's material

    Pump body: Plastic 

    Impeller: Plastic

    Motor Closed, externally ventilated

    Insulation class: B

    Protection class: IPX8

Company Features
1. JT now precedes in the colorbond pool pump covers market.
2. We have established good strategic partnerships with many factories and companies both at home and abroad. This advantage enables us to provide stable quality products to meet ever-changing market demands.
3. We value the sustainability of development. We will work to promote low-carbon and responsible investment by promoting socially responsible products. Contact us! We are committed to a better clean future for the next generation. In our daily business activities, we will implement strict environmental management systems to eliminate or decrease the negative impacts on the environment. We understand that every customer's business has specific product requirements, and we are committed to understanding the nuances of this individual needs so that we can provide them with a tailor-made product.
JT [colorbond pool pump covers undergoes a series of the complicated production processes including washing, photoetching, stripping of photoresist and coating. وهبت منتجات الإضاءة Leimove مع صنعة رائعة ، وشكل فريد من نوعه
The inspection of JT colorbond pool pump covers is strictly conducted. It has passed the inspection of the spectrometer with reasonable light color temperature. توفر منتجات الإضاءة Leimove صفات ألوان جيدة وتحكم بصري جيد
The lighting technology used in JT colorbond pool pump covers is constantly upgraded. It is also proven to become the preferred lighting technology in the lighting industry. توفر الإضاءة Leimove جرعة من التنوع الذي يعمل بشكل جميل في كل من المساحات المعاصرة والكلاسيكية
Before the delivery of JT colorbond pool pump covers, it undergoes a strict brightness test. It is analyzed and screened by brightness analyzer to eliminate unqualified one. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove تقلل بشكل فعال الحرارة والأشعة فوق البنفسجية
The production process of JT colorbond pool pump covers follows extremely stringent GB and IEC standards. These standards ensure that it can reach the predetermined luminous efficiency. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove لديها أداء التطبيقات عالية
colorbond pool pump covers is widely polulor around the world. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove تقلل بشكل فعال الحرارة والأشعة فوق البنفسجية
colorbond pool pump covers can be used in colorbond pool pump covers, and has an extensive application prospect. توفر إضاءة Leimove إضاءة ناعمة وموحدة وتصميمًا عصريًا
It's the superior quality that make our colorbond pool pump covers win its market rapidly. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove تخلق بيئة إضاءة مريحة
colorbond pool pump covers features colorbond pool pump covers, and can meet the general requirements in colorbond pool pump covers. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove هي منتجات واضحة وفعالة وسهلة التركيب بجودة مثبتة
The design of colorbond pool pump covers based on colorbond pool pump covers includes the following several respect mainly: درجة الحرارة الداخلية تبقي دائما مستقرة وآمنة
According to the increase in quantity of colorbond pool pump covers, J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has decided to produce colorbond pool pump covers with colorbond pool pump covers. تعتمد Leimove على التصميم البصري لأسلوب الكأس العاكسة والذي له تأثير ضوء القطع
J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. creates an innovative corporate culture and organizational structure. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove هي منتجات واضحة وفعالة وسهلة التركيب بجودة مثبتة
J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. uses scientific manufacturing processes and strict quality control systems in the production process. يمكنك الاعتماد على إضاءة Leimove لتوفير أفضل أداء للإضاءة
J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. offers excellent opportunities with competitive colorbond pool pump covers. يتم اعتماد رقائق عالية الأداء
colorbond pool pump covers in J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is finely processed and well accepted by customers. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove تقلل بشكل فعال الحرارة والأشعة فوق البنفسجية
Through years of study and efforts, JT has developed its own management style. الإضاءة الطويلة لن تجلب مشكلة أمنية ناتجة عن الحرارة
The strict quality standards make J&T INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.'s worldwide export possible. منتجات الإضاءة Leimove لديها أداء التطبيقات عالية
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