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JT best pond sealer Suppliers for house

JT best pond sealer Suppliers for house

JT best pond sealer Suppliers for house

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UV-C Clarifiers JUV-207
UV-C Clarifiers
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Plastic etc
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UV-C Clarifiers

Product parameters


Power  w UV-C  w UV-C(%) 8000  Hours Capacity  L Max Pressure bar Throung Flow l/h Inlet&Outlet  Adapter Cable Length m Length  mm PCS/CTNS Packaging  Dimension           mm G.W.       Kg
JUV-209129.08580000.3015001/2"-1  1/2"5m2766355×365×32011
JUV-209A129.08580000.3015001/2"-1  1/2"3m2906325×300×30013
JUV-2111511.085120000.3017003/4"-1  1/2"5m3236375×500×31015
JUV-211A1511.085120000.3017003/4"-1  1/2"3m3606395×300×30016
JUV-2182018.085200000.3025003/4"-1  1/2"5m4606500×405×47019.5
JUV-2242424.085350000.3045003/4"-1  1/2"5m4606500×405×47019
JUV-2364036.085450000.3060003/4"-1  1/2"5m5186565×405×47020.8
JUV-272802*3685600000.3060003/4"-1  1/2"2mX5m98011005*195*1486.4
220-240V/50HZ,110V/60HZ, models are available on request


1, with protection device inside.

2, Outdoor-use ballast.

3, Indicator screen design.

4, Please don’t connect it with the power source before finishing the assembly of all the spare parts.

5, The product can kill the harmful germs and algae so that it will make a suitable& health living condition for the ornamental fishes.

6, UVC is harm for the eyes and skin. please do not watch UVC directly or not let the skin approach to the UVC.

7, Please do not connect the UV light with the power source if there is no water circulation.

8, In order not to influence the water pressure against the body shell, please do not equip the switch between the body shell and the pipe of the aquarium.


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pond sealer uses high-quality kaolin as raw materials. It is carefully made based on multiple complex procedures. It is a beautiful and functional product with thick texture and bright glazed layer.
pond sealer is made of high-quality materials and is baked at a high temperature. It has thick texture and smooth and bright glazed layer. It also feels fine. It is solid and durable.
pond sealer is both beautiful and functional. It has simple design, unique appearance as well as attractive pattern. It is thick in texture and fine in touch feeling.
pond sealer is baked at a high temperature with the use of high-quality blanks. It is firm and durable with thick texture. It still looks as bright as new during a long time use.
pond sealer is manufactured based on multiple procedures including traditional shape forming methods, high-temperature pyrograph, and glazed coloring. It has fine texture, smooth line, and attractive pattern. The extraordinary workmanship and quality excellence are reflected in details.
The product is well-known for its abrasion resistance. It has the ability to withstand the effects of abrasion, for example, repeated wear and tear, rubbing, scraping, etc. It can be provided along with all kinds of accessories such as a cash drawer
The product is weather resistant. It can resist exposure to a range of weather conditions, from sunlight and heat to humidity. High-quality galvanized square tubes and plates are used to build chassis, ensuring it strong enough
The product is resistant to fire. It is able to ensure that its structural integrity remains while shielding from heat. Its body materials include asbestos which is fireproof and insulated
The product features strong weather resistance. It is able to hold up when exposed to heat, cold, rain and snow. An energy-saving LED light is equipped on the roof of the product
The product has the advantages of fire resistance. It has the ability to withstand against fire without changing its shape and other properties. With thickened steel board materials, it is stronger in use
The product is characterized by its excellent plasticity. When the load is applied to it, it will undergo permanent deformation without cracking. Its working table, made of stainless steel, is not easy to get rusty
The application of this product in the construction industry continues to help create diversified comfortable living and production environment and to conserve energy. Inside the product, the flooring is non-slip, ensuring maximum safety
The product is valued for its huge durability, popular in the construction industry. People who use this product said that it can last for years. Inside the product, the flooring is non-slip, ensuring maximum safety
When used in the construction projects, the product will not produce any radioactive substance that will do harm to both people and the environment. It can be different styles like British style, American style, European style, and Australian style
The product provides benefits for people by increasing comfort and well-being and helping to maintain the healthy air quality of buildings. It has a reasonable spatial arrangement, allowing extra machines to be placed in it
The product is extremely durable in the construction project, especially suitable in the regions where are easily susceptible to natural disasters. It can be widely seen in the street, schools, parks, etc
The product is free of unpleasant smell and is skin-friendly. It does no harm to the human body while only improves the appearance of buildings. The stainless steel working table inside the product is easy to clean up
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