Is there any difference between motor and motor, more than a word meaning in where?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Motor and the motor there has very big difference, in the chemical production, the use of chemical water pump, mechanical equipment running basic are used motor, then take a look at some of the differences between the two, further to distinguish the differences of the two. A: are there any differences between motor and motor? Motor including motors and generators. Is the floorboard of the generators and motors, both conceptually consists of difference. Motor is a kind of motor operation mode, only the motor running in electric mode, is to convert electrical energy into other forms of energy; At this time of motor is another kind of operation mode is the generator, works under the mode of power generation, will other forms of energy into electricity. However, some motor such as synchronous motor is more commonly used as a generator, but also can be directly used as a motor. Asynchronous motor is more used in motor, but, after adding simple peripheral components, and also can be used as a generator. Second, what is the motor? Motor ( English: Electric machinery, commonly known as & other; Motor & throughout; ) Refers to according to the law of electromagnetic induction electrical power conversion or transfer of an electromagnetic device. Motor is in the circuit with the letter M ( Old standards with D) Said that its main role is the driving torque, as with all electrical or mechanical power, generator in circuit by the letter G said that its main role is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy. 1 motor division and classification. According to the working power supply varieties division: can be divided into dc motor and ac motor. 2. According to the structure and working principle can be divided into: can be divided into direct current motor, asynchronous motor, synchronous motor. 3. According to the running speed can be divided into: high speed motor, motor at low speed, constant speed motor and speed regulating motor. Low speed motor is divided into geared motor, electromagnetic reducer motors, torque motor and claw pole synchronous motor, etc. 4. According to the start-up and operation mode can be divided into: capacitor start type single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor operation type single-phase asynchronous motor, single-phase capacitor start running type asynchronous motor and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor. 5. According to use can be divided into: driving motor and motor control. 6. According to the structure of the rotor can be divided into: cage induction motor ( The old standard called squirrel-cage asynchronous motor) And wound rotor induction motor, The old standard called wound asynchronous motor) 。 Third, what is the motor? Motor ( 电动机) Is a kind of equipment converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is the use of electricity coil ( Is the stator winding) To produce a rotating magnetic field and used in the rotor ( Such as squirrel-cage closed aluminum frame) Magnetoelectric power for rotary torque. Motor by using the power divided into dc motor and ac motor, electric power system in most of the motor is ac motor, can be synchronous motor or induction motor ( Speed and the rotor rotating speed of stator magnetic field is not in sync speed) 。 Motor is mainly composed of stator and rotor, the direction of motion of the wire in the magnetic field force with the direction of current and magnetic induction line ( The magnetic field direction) Direction. Working principle of the motor is a function of magnetic field on the current stress, to rotate the motor. 1 motor basic structure. The structure of the three-phase asynchronous motor, is made up of stator, rotor and other accessories. 2. Dc motor using the octagonal laminated structure, series winding, is suitable for the need of positive and reverse automatic control technology. According to user needs can also be made with series winding. High center 100 ~ 280 mm motor without compensation winding, but the center height of 250 mm, 280 mm motor according to the specific circumstances and needs can be made into with compensating winding, center high 315 ~ 450 mm motor with the compensation winding. Center height of 500 ~ 710 mm motor installation appearance, size and technical requirements are in conformity with IEC international standard, the motor mechanical dimension tolerance accords with ISO international standard.
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