Introduction - screw vacuum pump lubrication and material

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum pump as a common cause of vacuum pump mechanical equipment, is a kind of can produce clean vacuum pump steam machinery and equipment, especially the breathing, the exhaust pipe, and other functions in the application are the embodiment of the obvious. How to make the screw vacuum pump lubrication actual operation? What material is used to manufacture screw vacuum pump? Now let's take a look.

1。 Under all normal working standard, if the screw vacuum pump running time is 20000 hours or three years later, rolling bearing and notes shall be removed immediately in room space waste vegetable oil and dirt, and inject new vegetable oil.

2。 If more extreme work standards, then using screw vacuum pump, reduce oil removal cycle time.

3。 Vegetable oil should account for 50% of the rolling bearing interior space and rolling bearing cover 65% of the interior space.

what material be used to produce the screw vacuum pump?

1。 Over-current components using stainless steel plate: suitable for screw vacuum pump shell, disc, such as centrifugal impeller.

2。 Grey cast iron: this material has excellent damping performance, reasonable to absorb the kinetic energy of the vibration equipment. Wettability, heat transfer, forging, good liquidity, linear shrinkage and closed to reduce the volume, the casting is not easy to crack.

3。 Comprehensive accessible steel, ductile iron castings: have a strong bearing capacity, ductility, and high wear resistance.

4。 All stainless steel plate: suitable for screw vacuum pump shell, disc, centrifugal impeller, pump cover, water pump shaft, connecting tube, gas water separator, etc.

5。 Centrifugal impeller with stainless steel plate: 304 stainless steel plate, 316 stainless steel and 316 l stainless steel plate.

please keep in mind that in order to make the screw vacuum pump running quickly, there is no need to add grease. Not only have to add a certain amount of grease, and well control fuel supply time and frequency. Only under the proper wetting and actual operation, to improve efficiency and service life.

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