Introduces the structure principle and application of gear pump occasions! !

by:J&T     2020-06-25
One, the overview of the gear pump gear pump is widely used in hydraulic system of a hydraulic pump, it generally made quantitative pump, according to the different structures, the gear pump can be divided into external gear pump and the internal gear pump, gear pump is the basic form of two of the same size gear in a close coordination of casing gears rotate, the shell's internal similar & other; 8' Glyph, two gear is installed inside, outside diameter of the gear on both sides and work closely with shell. Materials from the extruder in suction among two gears, and full of the space, with the rotation of the tooth movement along the shell, when two tooth out. Each other a pair of gears meshing tooth cylindrical and two side face, rely on tight pump casing wall, between the tooth and shell inner wall circumference became a series of seal cavity K without feeling. D, G, separated by meshing tooth cavity and pump inlet and outlet suction chamber and exhaust chamber. When gear according to the direction of rotation, due to the meshing tooth gradually withdrew from the meshing state, the volume gradually in the suction chamber D increase, pressure decrease. In liquid pool of liquid surface pressure and D cavity in low pressure under the action of pressure difference between the liquid from the suction pool after the pipettes and pump inlet into the suction chamber D. K then enter work space, and by the rotation of the gear was taken to the discharge chamber G. Due to the two gear meshing gear teeth from the upper began to gradually into the state, a gear tooth is another gear tooth space, located in the upper exhaust chamber volume decreases, indoor liquid pressure, then from the pump discharge outside the discharge pump. Continuous rotation gear, the suction and drainage process is continuous. Second, the working principle of gear pump gear pump working principle is to separate three panel structure, three refers to the pump cover and pump body, pump body is equipped with a pair of teeth, the same width and the pump body closer to each other and meshing of the gears, the gear with two end cover and pump body to form a sealed cavity, and the gear tooth top and meshing line of the sealed cavity is divided into two parts, namely, oil pressure and oil absorption cavity. Two gear with key fixed in the needle roller bearing on the driving shaft and driven shaft of the drive shaft driven by motor rotation. Structure of the gear water pump, when driving gear according to the direction of rotation of the pump, gear pump (on the right side Oil absorption cavity) Exit of gear meshing, the gear tooth tooth, make sealing capacity increases, the formation of partial vacuum, atmospheric pressure under the action of the oil tank in the world and the suction pipe line, oil absorption cavity into the teeth. As the rotation of the gear, the tooth between the oil suction was brought to the other side, into the oil cavity pressure. Tooth into mesh at this moment, make the seal volume decreases, the part between the gear oil being squeezed out, formed the gear pump pressure oil process. Gear meshing gear to contact line to separate oil pressure and oil absorption cavity, oil distribution role. When the driving gear of the gear pump driven by motor rotates unceasingly, the side of the release of gear tooth meshing, is because of the large seal volume change constantly from the fuel tank of oil absorption, tooth into the side of the mesh, because the seal volume decreases the discharge of oil unceasingly, this is the working principle of gear pump. cover and pump body before and after is made up of two dowel locating, with 6 only screw tightening. In order to ensure that the gear can turn flexibly, at the same time to ensure that the leak is small, proper clearance between the gear end face and pump cover ( Axial clearance) Of the small flow pump, axial clearance is 0. 025-0. 4 mm, big flow pump is 0. 04 ~ 0. 06mm。 Addendum and pump body of the gap between the surface ( Radial clearance) , due to the sealing strip length, at the same time, addendum linear velocity and formation of shear flow and the oil leak in the opposite direction, so the less effect on the leakage, to consider the problem here is: when the gear is unbalanced radial force, should avoid collision of addendum and pump body wall can be slightly larger, so the radial clearance generally take 0. 13 ~ 0. 16mm。 Third, applicable occasions and the category of the gear pump gear pump is suitable for conveying medium temperature & le; 170 ℃, the viscosity is not more than 100 mm & sup2; / s of heavy oil, fuel oil, machine oil, such as a lubricity and performance are similar to other oil medium, this kind of pump type is commonly used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical engineering, etc. Compared with the vane pump, plunger pump, gear pump efficiency is low, oil absorption are rarely more than 500 mm in height. Due to the low efficiency, without too much pressure, flow rate is not big, so much for medium speed, force is not a simple hydraulic system, is also sometimes used as a auxiliary hydraulic pump. General engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and machine tool industries can be applied. And the method of two kinds of gear pump is mesh. The former structure is simple, cheap, wide application; The latter to make complex, use less, but because of its small volume, light weight, uniform flow, high efficiency, long service life, and therefore suitable for certain volume demands is compact, the weight is very light on the machine ( If the plane) 。 In order to improve the flow uniformity of pump and operation stability, and can use helical gear or herringbone gear, in structure used as the single pump, double pump or double pump.
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