Introduces the performance characteristics of several kinds of sewage pump

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Self-priming sewage water pump self-priming non-clog sewage pump is suitable for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, fiber, pulp, textile, food, power plants and municipal drainage project, public facilities, sewage, digging of aquaculture and other industries. 1, compact structure, small volume, low noise, energy-saving effect is remarkable, convenient maintenance, easy to replace. 2, sewage capability is strong, with excellent hydraulic model, 3 ~ 5% higher than average self-priming pump efficiency, held in special impeller design, make sure that the water pump efficiency and no blockage. 3, using new friction in mechanical seal, and long-term indoor running into the oil, is higher than average self-priming pump self-priming height 1 meter, and with a shorter time. 4, according to the user, can be equipped with installation way: automatic control of pump super move and stop, do not need specialist care, use very convenient, greatly convenient installation, maintenance is coming, people could enter without this the sump. Diving sewage pump 1, easy installation and maintenance, small diving sewage pump free installation, large diving sewage pump is generally equipped with automatic coupling device can be installed automatically, installation and maintenance is very convenient. Sewage pump vibration noise is small, the motor temperature increase slow, green environmental protection, no pollution to the environment. There is no cavitation damage and irrigation water diversion. Especially after a little to the operating personnel has brought great convenience. 2, compact structure, cover an area of an area small, diving sewage pump because of work into liquid. Can be installed directly in the sewage pool, therefore, to build special sewage pump room to install sewage pump and motor, can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs. ) Sewage pump continuous operation time is long: diving sewage pump for sewage pump and motor coaxial, shaft short, rotating parts weight is light, so the bearing under the load is relatively small, life is longer than the general sewage pump. Vertical non-clog pump, vertical sewage pump, as well as mobile, fixed installation, can be in building construction, farmland irrigation and drainage, sewage in business processes, suction and discharge, in addition to the applicable conveying sewage, also applies to a drain pumps, pulp pumps, irrigation, use, etc. ) Safe and reliable, the big flow smoothly, held in special impeller design, ensure the water pump running efficiently and without clogging. Two juki series configuration, realize the dual protection, ensure the security of the motor. Reduce maintenance costs: through balance test of rotor and effectively balance the reasonable bearing arrangement, radial force and axial force of pump unit so as to ensure the long-term stable operation, and has little vibration, low noise. Automatically stir sewage pump automatically stir sewage pump is on the basis of the general sewage pump adopts automatic mixing device, the device with the motor shaft rotation, have extremely strong stirring power, sewage pool sediment mixing into suspension, suction pump discharge, the outer circulating cooling system, the sewage pump low water level operation, reduce the motor start frequency, extend the life of the motor. When automatically stir sewage pump operation, automatic stirring bottom sediments, completely prevent dirt deposition, without manual cleaning. Unique design of the impeller with the fiber content, sundry chopped and tear functions.
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