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Installation and use of deep well submersible pump

Installation and use of deep well submersible pump


1. Preparation Before Installation of Deep Well Submersible Pump ( Submersible Pumps For Wells)

1) Bore Hole Pump is also called deep well submersible pump. The use environment must meet the conditions in this manual, and water with high solid particles or corrosiveness such as muddy water, ammonia water, lime water, etc. should not be drained.

2) It must be selected correctly within the recommended head range.

3) Check whether the shaft is flexible and there should be no dead spots.

4) Open the exhaust and water filling screw plugs, and fill the inner cavity of the motor with clean water. Pay attention to prevent false fullness, install the screw plug, and there should be no water leakage.

5) Use a 500 volt megger to measure the absolute value of the motor, which should not be less than 50MΩ.

6) Install the protection switch, and start the motor instantaneously (no more than 1 second, to see if the direction of the motor is the same as the sign; if it is opposite, just change any two connectors of the power supply. When trying to turn, you must pour clean water from the pump outlet. Wait until the water flows out from the water inlet section to start.

7) The electric pump is equipped with a short cable before leaving the factory. The cable joints of the electric pump should be wrapped with ordinary tape, sub-sensitive adhesive tape and plastic insulating glue to ensure that water cannot penetrate into the joint. (See the attached picture for the cable joint method,

8) To ensure safety, a reliable grounding cable should be installed before the electric pump is used.

9) Prepare two slings, sleepers or steel pipes, and use soft iron wires or thin ropes for binding cables.

2. Installation of Deep Well Submersible Pump ( Submersible Pumps For Wells)

1) When the electric pump is installed in a pond, a bamboo basket should be tied to the lower end of the electric pump, and it should be hoisted by a tripod or by a boat, a bridge or a pier. The surrounding weeds must be removed, and must not fall into the mud, causing excessive temperature rise and burning the motor.

2) When installing in the well, the cable needs to be tied to each section of the water pipe with a rope or soft iron wire rope. When the pump is found to be stuck, the pump cannot be forced to avoid the electric pump and the well wall from being stuck. The rubber gasket of the water pipe should be well-padd and the bolts should be evenly tightened to avoid water leakage.

3) The submersible depth of the electric pump should not be too deep, preferably 0.5-5 meters below the dynamic water level.

4) The electric pump must be equipped with a switch and a start protector separately, and must not be shared with other electrical devices, and must match the motor power. The rotation position of the protector's rated current must not be changed at will to prevent loss of protection. The water pump manufacturer shall not be responsible for the damaged electric pump if it is not equipped with a starter protector.

3. Use of Deep Well Submersible Pump ( Submersible Pumps For Wells)

1) Use a 500 volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the motor windings to the ground should not be less than 5 megohms.

2) After the electric pump is started, observe whether the current and voltage of the meter are within the rated range, and whether there is any abnormal sound or vibration during operation. If it is abnormal, it should be resolved in time.

3) During the operation of the electric pump, always observe the voltage, current, flow, and head. If one of the following conditions is found, stop the operation immediately.

a. The current exceeds the rated value at the rated voltage.

b. When the head is rated, the flow rate drops more than normal.

c. The insulation resistance is less than 0.5 megohm.

d. The pump discharges water intermittently.

e. The electric pump has sudden noise or big vibration.

f. The protection switch trips frequently.

4) Turn off the power when the machine stops, and when restarting, wait 5 minutes or more to prevent the motor temperature from rising too high.

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