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Installation and use of Centrifugal Water Pump

Installation and use of Centrifugal Water Pump


Installation and use of Centrifugal Water Pump:

1. Before installing the centrifugal water pump, make a foundation according to the shape and installation dimensions, and install it according to the pipeline position to facilitate management.

2. If the position of the centrifugal water pump is higher than the liquid level, a liquid filling device must be attached.

3. Fill the pump body with liquid before starting the centrifugal water pump. It is strictly forbidden to run and reverse without medium, otherwise the pump body will damage the mechanical seal due to lack of liquid cooling.

4. The valve of the liquid pipe should be closed when it is out of service to avoid liquid backflow.

5. To repair the centrifugal water pump, first disassemble the pump body, then loosen the mechanical seal screw and fold down the mechanical seal.

6. When replacing the ball bearing or pump shaft, you must fold down the frame, loosen the 4 screws of the front bearing cover, fold off the rear end nut and coupling of the pump shaft, and drive out the front end of the pump shaft. Fold down the rear shaft seal cover.

7. When reassembling after repairing and replacing the wearing parts.

1) Install the front and rear bearings and oil seals in the front and rear cover respectively, and install the front cover with the bearing on the pump shaft, and then install the pump shaft with the front bearing cover on the frame.

2) Put the bearing sleeve on the pump shaft, and then install the rear cover with bearing on the pump shaft and frame.

3) Set the pressure ring, install the coupling and tighten the nut.

4) Put the mechanical seal moving ring on the pump shaft.

5) Install the static ring in the pump body and tighten the compression screw sleeve

6) Put the pump body with static ring on the frame, debug the cooperation of the mechanical seal dynamic and static ring (usually tight 3-3.5 mm) and take off the pump body first.

7) Tightly fix the mechanical seal moving ring on the pump shaft, and then; wait for the pump body to be installed on the frame, and turn the mechanical seal moving and static ring on the coupling by hand to see if the fit is consistent.

8) Install the impeller on the pump shaft, and use PTFE gaskets to adjust the gap between the impeller and the pump body (usually between 2-2.S mm) and pad the anti-corrosion gasket, and then tighten the impeller and cap, and pad it after the end Pump casing gasket, install the pump cover, and tighten the anti-corrosion nut.

9) Install the assembled pump head on the bottom plate, and adjust the coupling gap to be perpendicular to the motor axis.

8. Pay attention to the usual maintenance of the FRP centrifugal water pump, check whether the pump is running smoothly, whether there is abnormal vibration, pay attention to replacing the elastic block, add the lubricating oil of the bearing according to the oil standard, and regularly replace the lubricating oil in the frame (generally three months l times)

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